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    Jesus Christ And Satan Get Verified On Twitter During Elon Musk’s Reign. Netizens Ask ‘Who Do We Follow Now?’

    Twitter verified Jesus Christ and Satan on the app, shortly following its new blue tick policy. This has just proven the mess that Twitter has made. According to the new policy, now users can have their accounts verified by paying a monthly fee of $8.

    After the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, he revamped the policy of verified accounts. Although this has created a flaw for Twitter as now there isn’t any distinction between official and parody accounts. And Elon Musk and his team have apparently not been able to fix this flaw of verified “blue ticks.”

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    How Did The Jesus Christ Account Get Verified?

    As seen by users, Twitter had a Jesus Christ parody account working for a long time. However, recently the account got verified with its blue tick. We’ve seen Twitter handling many serious issues and controversies in the past. But some parody accounts made being on the platform fun. This Twitter account impersonating Jesus Christ was one such account.

    So how did this parody account get verified? Simple. The ‘Jesus Christ’ account just got a subscription to Twitter Blue by paying $8 a month. Earlier, blue verification ticks were only given to original accounts. This would have meant that this was an official account of the deity. But giving the verification badge to this account proves just how much crazy Twitter’s new verification process is.

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    Jesus Isn’t The Only One, Satan Also Seems To Have Got Verified

    The new Twitter policy of getting blue ticks seems to have verified not only Jesus Christ but also Satan. The official account of this user titled @s8nstan is now verified, and clicking on the verification symbol shows the message “this account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue.”

    The account basically posts funny musings about life in hell and about being the Prince of Darkness, although says “At least, I am verified.” The Satan account also tweeted in one post “After all the years to get s8n verified, it took Elon Musk buying Twitter to make it happen lolol.”

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