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    ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ Is Currently In Works And Will Be Launched As A Show But Disney’s Involvement Raises Concern

    The game ‘Knights Of The Old Republic‘ is the doorway to the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise for many. The game is set way before the Star Wars world, which gives more room for the game storyline to evolve. After many rumors, latest reports suggest the game is in development as a show.

    KOTOR‘ could expand its world with memorable characters, moral choices, and fantastic set pieces. ‘Star Wars‘ also has the new series ‘Acolyte‘ and ‘KOTOR‘ has a similar story and themes to it. There are rumors that we might get a show out of the popular game.

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    A Potential ‘KOTOR’ Show Is In Works

    According to MyTimetoShineHello, aStar Wars‘ game ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ is in the works. There are many Star Wars games in the line for making by Respawn Entertainment inspired by ‘Star Wars: Dark Forces’,  ‘Star Wars: Hunters’, and ‘Star Wars: Eclipse‘.

    But ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ has its momentum. Fans have been requesting a remake of the game which was even confirmed back in 2021. But ever since the game has gone dark there have been no announcements or trailer for it. But it seems that fan requests are making their way.

    The leakers claim that “Lucasfilm went back and forth about what to do with Knights of the Old Republic, whether to make it a movie or a TV show. Now they have made their decision: it will be a show.”

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    “I Want To Be Excited For This But It’s Disney So It Will Probably Just Crush My Soul”: Critics Raise Concern

    As the show is going to be introduced on Disney+, many feel that it wouldn’t do justice to BioWare’s 2003 classic and Obsidian’s 2004 sequel. Concerns raised: “This will either be the best thing ever or the absolute worst.” Another added, “Time for Disney to ruin another Star Wars thing,” and a third said, “I want to be excited for this but it’s Disney so it will probably just crush my soul.” 

    Similar to these critics, BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn also said that there isn’t much to adopt for the live-action of KOTOR, hence the story would be stretched out.

    There are genuine concerns related to the adaptation of the game. Disney isn’t short of good projects but ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ is a wider project to adapt.

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