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    “Nostalgia, Fresh Perspective And…”: 5 Things That Worked In Favor Of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

    Video game adaptations have not been something new. It has happened several times over the years and a majority of those projects have been highly successful in terms of critical reviews and box office collections. Among all the animated films that have been released this year and the ones that are on the way, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ has been loved by the audience.

    It has already earned billions and there have been reasons behind the same. Let’s explore them.

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    ‘The Super Mario Bros. MovieSuccess Reasons

    1. An Impressive Soundtrack

    The film’s soundtrack has been praised

    Sometimes, the storyline and characters are not enough to impress the audience. A movie also needs some good music. Here is where ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ has passed as it has added songs from the 80s. Although there are people who were not born in that era, the soundtrack has still received a positive response.

    2. Development Of The Characters

    The characters appear in a new form

    Compared to other video game adaptations that have been released so far, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ let the characters go through some changes and become better than how they were in the beginning. This has been beneficial in appealing to the current generation and the previous generation has witnessed a new side of their favorite characters.

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    3. Majority Of Easter Eggs

    There is sufficient Easter Eggs

    The trailer and other promotional material of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ promised a lot of Easter Eggs. The ones who were familiar with the original game gave been able to recognize them and fans also spotted that the film was set in a brand new universe that was already known to the public.

    4. New Kind Of Animation

    New animation techniques have been used

    A major criticism that has been towards animated films has been the style of animation. But a new technique was used in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ as the animation style was updated. The film has also offered a new look to all those who have played the game for a long time.

    5. ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘ Remains Faithful To The Original Villain

    No major changes have been made to the villain

    ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ did not compromise in terms of the villain. He was portrayed like he is originally seen in the games and this decision was said to be better as the 1993 adaptation was slammed for changing the context of the villain.

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    Anupal Sraban Neog
    Anupal Sraban Neog
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