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    Selena Gomez And Her Best Friend Nicola Beckham End Friendship Over Israel-Palestine War

    Selena Gomez‘s post on Palestine and Israel war seems to have gotten her in quite a lot of trouble. First, she managed to anger her fans and netizens by maintaining a neutral approach, and now after her brand has shared their support towards Palestine, Selena seems to have lost her best friend amidst all this.

    Here’s what Rare Beauty said that made Selena’s best friend Nicola Beckham end their friendship.

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    Where Does Selena Gomez Stand In The Israel Palestine War?

    Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez

    Recently, Selena decided to speak up about the war and wrote a post about the violence surrounding the war and how she sympathizes with the victims. She didn’t take any sides and extended her condolences to both the communities. The problem arose when people pointed out her refusal to pick sides or spread awareness or advocate for Palestine when she actively participated in the same during the Russia and Ukraine war.

    Her post got a lot of hate, with many people boycotting her brand Rare Beauty. She later posted another story telling her fans that she was going to delete her Instagram and take a break. She has not yet deleted or removed any of her socials.

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    Why Did Nicola Beckham And Selena’s Friendship Go Sour?

    Nicola and Selena

    Nicola Beckham used to be one of Selena Gomez’s closest friends. The duo even have matching tattoos together and are often seen twinning outfits and hanging out. Not anymore though.

    Selena’s Rare Beauty made a new post supporting Palestine, something that many people called ‘damage control’ as it came right after fans and netizens threatened to boycott her products and cancel her.

    But her support towards Palestine cost her a friendship with one of her closest friends.

    Nicola is known to support Israel in the war. She has often shown her support towards Israel.

    Soon after Selena’s Rare Beauty made the post, Nicola unfollowed the brand.

    This further raised speculations about her friendship with Selena as they both have not posted anything in a long time. Fans also called her out for using Selena as clout.

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