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    Set To Star In ‘Fantastic Four’, Ebon Moss-Bachrach Reveals His Favorite Comic That Gave Him “Earlier Sexual Visions”

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach from the hit Netflix show ‘The Bear rose to global fame after his commendable role as Richie on the show. As he is now set to play the role of Ben Grimm in ‘Fantastic Four’, Moss-Bachrach’s childhood dream of being a superhero is about to come true.

    Ahead of his upcoming film’s release, the actor recently revealed that he has always been a huge fans of comic books, and grew up reading a lot of them. Sharing his fond memories of reading comics, Moss-Bachrach opened up about his favorite comic which surprisingly gave him early sexual visions. Here’s what he said.

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    “I Was A Comic Book Fan”: Ebon Moss Bachrach On Being A Comic Book Geek

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach

    During a recent interview with Variety, Ebon Moss Bachrach opened up about his childhood days when he would read comic books a lot. However, he did not right away start with the popular franchises comics like Marvel or DC. “I was a comic book fan, but the comic books I used to read when I was a kid were more like the cheaper kind of ones I could get from the five-cent bin,” the actor said.

    “I liked Archie, some Richie Rich. I really liked Groo,” the actor added. Out of all the titulars which were mentioned, one revived a special mention: Elfquest. “I liked Elfquest a lot,” he said. “I think some of my earliest sexual visions were Elfquest… That’s the good stuff.”

    Moss-Bachrach’s revelation comes as he is set to take up a role in the ‘Fantastic Four‘ franchise. As fans are now excited to see their favorite actor thriving in a superhero universe, this revelation about his fondness for comic books has intensified the excitement.

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    Ebon Moss-Bachrach Will Be The Third Actor To Play The Role Of Ben Grimm

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be the third actor to play the role of Ben Grimm in the live-action film ‘Fantastic Four‘. Previously, the role was played by Michael Chiklis’ in the 2005 movie, and later taken over by Jamie Bell in 2007.

    Moss will share the screen with other actors including Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby’s Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, and Joseph Quinn’s Johnny Storm/Human Torch. 

    This isn’t the first time Moss-Bachrach will play a role in the Marvel Universe. He also portrayed David Lieberman/Micro on Netflix’s’ Punisher’ series in the past, though fans are way more excited for his role in ‘Fantastic Four‘.

    The upcoming Kevin Feige movie is set in the 1960s in parallel to the main Marvel Universe, as revealed by him recently on the Official Marvel Podcast. ‘Fantastic Four’ shall begin shooting on July 29, confirmed Feige on the podcast.

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