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    Why World Cup Anthem Singer Maluma Left Israeli Interview When Asked About Qatar Human Rights

    The FIFA World Cup 2022 begun last week, and fans are all over it. This time, the football championship is being hosted by the Arab country Qatar. As we all know, Qatar isn’t the best option when it comes to its human rights records. As a result, an Israeli reporter caused quite a controversy with singer Maluma during an interview.

    The World Cup anthem this time has been sung by singers Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares. Maluma is a Colombian singer and actor. He has been singing since the age of 16 and has released many hits so far. Some of his famous albums include F.A.M.E, Papi Juancho, 11:11, and more.

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    Why Did Maluma Leave The Israeli Interview Abruptly?

    World Cup anthem singer Maluma stormed off from an Israeli interview, when he was asked a question regarding human rights in Qatar. To be more specific, the reporter accused Maluma of ‘whitewashing’ human rights abuses in Qatar. In the interview, the reporter was seen asking, “Don’t you have a problem with human rights violations in this country?”

    Before leaving, Maluma had responded saying that it was something that he had no control over. He was just there to enjoy life, and enjoy the party of soccer. However, the reporter pushed further, accusing him of “whitewashing” the violations against human rights in Qatar. In reply to the reporter Moav Vardi, Maluma called out him being rude and stormed out from the interview.

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    What Are The Human Rights Reporter’s Guide For 2022 FIFA?

    As mentioned in Human Rights Watch, FIFA 2022 was granted to Qatar in 2010, with no human rights due diligence. There were further no specific guidelines regarding the protection of migrant workers that would be required for the construction of the massive infrastructure. Migrant workers who’ve suffered abuses in the process have called for financial support.

    Families of those who have suffered death during the process, belonging from South and Southeast Asia and Africa, have called on FIFA and Qatar to take action. A five-minute video regarding this was released during a media interview on November 17, just a few days before the start of the grand event.

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