Can Qatar Punish Football Fans As Per Sharia Law If They Don’t Follow Rules?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has been hosted for the very first time in an Arab country, Qatar. The event commenced on November 20, with a lot of controversies already. One among them is the choice of Qatar to be the host of the World Cup, for football players and fans all around the world.

It is because, being a regressive Islamic country, Qatar as the host nation puts fans and players at risk over Qatar’s strict laws. As per The Sun, Qatar has got some very vague and strict laws that could put football fans in trouble, even in jail.

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What Are Some Rules That Football Fans Need To Follow?

As mentioned in an exclusive report in The Sun, drinking alcohol in public is banned. People engaging in such can be charged with ‘public drunkenness’ and land a six-month-long prison time, along with a very heavy fine. Activities like flirting, swearing, engaging in sexual intercourse, or heated arguments can also put people behind bars.

The same holds for clicking photographs without permission. ‘Same-sex’ conduct can lead to up to seven years in jail. Public demonstrations are also not allowed, and demonstrators can be charged with up to five years in prison. They can also get a fine of up to $27,000 on the accord of harming the ‘public system of the state.’

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What Are The Goods That Are Illegal To Bring?

Bringing weapons and drugs is banned, and expected. But there are more things that Qatar has banned football fans from bringing with them, terming as ‘illegal’. As already mentioned, the first includes alcohol, followed by pornography, any products made of pigs, and books that have religious materials in them.

Cigarettes, including electrical ones, or any liquid counterparts of them are also prohibited. As mentioned in the Foreign Office, wearing clothes showing too much skin such as shorts or sleeveless tops is not allowed. People are expected to wear “modestly” in public. Carrying medications require a valid prescription from a doctor.

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