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    Zoe Saldaña Tells Men Who Make Room For Women “You’re So Se*y”, Says Gender Equality Battle Is On Women For One Another

    After a lot of struggles for gender equality and feminism, women finally started to get the equal rights that they truly deserve, in Hollywood and elsewhere. Zoe Saldaña thinks that women should start unlocking more doors of opportunities for themselves.

    Zoe wants more women to take up roles that men traditionally take to secure themselves. She urges more female CEOs, with more women sitting on the boards and being happy in their lives.

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    “When Women Are in There, Make More Room for Other Women”: Zoe Saldaña

    Zoe Saldaña speaks about women rights
    Zoe Saldaña speaks about women’s rights

    Zoe Saldaña says that future representation in the film industry is dependent on women supporting women and taking up a stand for themselves. She said, “We need more female CEOs. We need more women sitting on boards. Because those are the gatekeepers“.

    Zoe wants women to realize their true potential. She added, “We need the keys that unlock those doors. And once those women are there, don’t just be happy and feel so lucky that you’re the only woman sitting at the table. Get three men to get up.”

    She shared her experience of working with James Cameron. Zoe said, “I’m like a little girl from Queens, New York. To be able to be in a James Cameron movie, and for that to catapult me into a full-blown career,”.

    She continued, “It just happened and I took every opportunity. I opened every door that felt unlocked to me, walked in. But then here I am, like 10 years later, reaping the benefits over and over again of films that were so successful that became franchises, and it’s time consuming”.

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    “I’m Big Girl, I’m Wearing My Big Girl Pants”: Zoe About Her Career

    Zoe Saldaña
    Zoe Saldaña

    In a conversation with Variety, Zoe explained that she battles with anxiety, and tendencies to self-sabotage when it comes to her career. She said, “I’m never satisfied. I’m hard on myself.”  the actress added, “Sometimes I can get in my own way. And then I have people that you trust and you make a path and you sort of go, ‘You’re gonna tell me the truth. I’m a big girl. I’m wearing my big girl pants. So you can just like give it to me because I will take it.”

    Further, she also talked about her movie ‘Emilia Pérez‘ which drew rave reviews and a lot of appreciation from the audience at Cannes. “To be here and you guys receiving it and people being deeply moved, I’m speechless,” the actress added.

    ‘The Guardians Of The Galaxyactress continued saying, “I just don’t know what to say because I just I love art so much, and when cinema is that fucking special and that fresh, it just moves you. And I’m not being a narcissist. I just started to trust me, like when I’m not making art, I’m consuming it. I curate it in my life. That’s what we do. And [‘Emilia Pérez’ director] Jacques [Audiard] is an artist that I consume a great deal.”

    It’s amazing to see a woman like Zoe working hard in the industry, doing what she loves, and achieving success in her career.

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