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    Vladimir Putin Bans S** Change In Russia In A War Against LGBTQ+ Community And “Western Anti-Family Ideology”

    Just when LGBTQ+ rights are finally being recognized by governments around the world, Russia has released a big decision. This new law will put the LGBTQ+ community in danger. Vladimir Putin’s new law has created a worldwide outrage amongst the community. 

    So what is this new law and how is it derogatory towards the community? Putin’s new law aims at the transgender community in particular. So let’s take a look right here. 

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    What Is Vladimir Putin’s New Anti-LGBTQ+ Law?

    Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the implementation of a new law that targets the transgender community. This law bans sex and gender change from now on. It also prevents transgender people from adopting children. 

    Reportedly Putin’s new law is implemented to protect traditional Russian values. It can be understood that many Russian politicians and legislatures still believe that gender transitioning is “pure satanism“. 

    Not only this, the act also bans any “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person” as well as changing a person’s sex on official documents. Further, the new law annuls all marriages between or with transgender people. 

    Moreover, Putin has ordered health clinics to hire sexologists so that they can help patients to “overcome” homosexuality. Not only this, mental disorders will be targeted too at the clinic for the LGBTQ+ community.

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    Russia’s New Law Is A Big Blow To The LGBTQ+ Community

    Top 20 LGBTQ+ television characters
    LGBTQ+ suffers under new law

    This new law has put a setback on all the things that the Russian LGBTQ+ community is fighting for. However, Russia has always fought against the “western anti-family ideology”. This new law is in accordance with that. 

    The Russian legislature and politics put a crackdown on LGBTQ+ people almost a decade ago. The Russian community has been fighting for rights ever since. The new law has been passed by both houses of parliament in support of the values of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

    In 2013, the Kremlin adopted legislation that prohibited public endorsement of “nontraditional sexual relations”. Next in 2020, Putin put into action another law that outlawed same-sex marriage. Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations is also banned in Russia. 

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