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    Why Hillary Clinton Stayed With Bill Clinton Even After His Cheating Scandal With Monica Lewinsky?

    The famous 1990s scandal of then-President Bill Clinton with a woman named Monica Lewinsky was the scandal of the year. Clinton had been alleged to have had inappropriate relations with Lewinsky, who was an intern at the White House. However, his wife Hillary Clinton remained with him throughout.

    Monica Lewinsky was a 22-year-old intern at the White House at that time, during then-President Clinton’s reign. However, she was caught up in an affair, which became a piece of national news publicly. Let us go back to the past and see the events that took place.

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    President Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky’s Affair

    The 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky had managed to land an internship at the White House. However, when there was a government shutdown, a lot of staff of the White House were on leave. Due to this, interns were placed at higher working levels. This is how Bill Clinton and Lewinsky got to know each other.

    Over time, the affair lasted for about 18 months, with Lewinsky admitting that they had about 10 physical encounters. When talks of an affair circulated, Bill Clinton denied having any relationship with her. Although, it was later proved in court and Clinton stated on national television accepting his affair.

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    Why Hillary Clinton Stayed With Bill Clinton Even After His Cheating Scandal?

    In 2017, Hillary Clinton came out with her book ‘What Happened‘ which not only covers her loss of the presidential elections but also her marriage. She doesn’t mention her husband’s famous infidelities or even the Monica Lewinsky affair scandal. But Hillary talks about times when her marriage was unsure to thrive.

    She says there were tough times in the couple’s marriage. But what kept her going was, asking herself if she still loved him. If she could still be in the marriage without becoming unrecognizable to herself. Hillary Clinton says that the answers were always yes and so she kept going.

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