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    “I Think There’s An Audience For That”: Dave Filoni Is Interested In Making An R-Rated ‘Star Wars’ Movie But On One Condition

    The ‘Star Wars‘ franchise has grown and evolved in many ways. From presenting great storylines to breathtaking visuals, they have tried it all. But can we expect an R-rated movie from the makers? A similar question was asked to the Chief Creative Officer of Lucas Films.

    During an interview, Dave Filoni was asked about the possibility of an R-rated project in the future from the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise, to which he replied in affirmative.

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    Dave Filoni Is Down For An R-Rated ‘Star Wars’ Movie

    Dave Filoni

    A question was asked to Dave Filoni related to the possibility of an R-ratedStar Warsmovie by Josh Horowitz on theHappy Sad Confused‘ podcast. Dave shared he is optimistic about making such kind of a movie. He’s not sure how they will execute it, but would surely like to work on it.

    He said, “I don’t know. I think it’s interesting,” adding that they might produce an “edgy” and R-rated ‘Star Wars‘ film. “The bottom line is whatever we do, it has to be really well done.”

    As an example Filoni added Andor was “so well done,” and it was made for the mature audience. The main character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) kills a person in the first episode itself and then proceeds to kill another person, who was on his knees pleading for their life.

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    Filoni On The Evolving Audience Of ‘Star Wars’

    Star Wars

    ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise started as a family-friendly series but now Filoni thinks there is scope for adding more mature and adult scenes to the movies. He added that, “an audience for that” exist and there’s room for more mature scenes. However, they will continue the family-friendly theme at the same time.

    He continued, “It’s almost like your taste for food. Your taste in cinema and visuals changes as you get older.” It’s like adding the DNA to the movies. Director Filoni never mentioned the surety of an R-rated movie. But this opens the doors for the fan’s expectations of adult movies from the franchise.

    He continued, “That’s really what we are shooting for here–this community of, ‘May the Force be with you.’ What a crazy thing? This one guy invented it, George.” He added, “We might expand it but I think we always have to remember the root of it, that we don’t lose our way in the galaxy.”

    Surprisingly, the franchise has also never used the F-word. Andor nearly uttered the word but it was cut in the final scenes. Hence adding adult and mature scenes in the movies would be a bold step for the makers.

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