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    King Charles Opens Up About A Strange Side Effect Of His Cancer Treatment

    King Charles‘s cancer diagnosis is the most recent trouble to the list of adversaries that the royal family seems to be facing for a while now. The monarch underwent prostate surgery in February this year and was later diagnosed with cancer. He has been open about his health scare, giving the masses frequent updates about his treatment.

    As per the royal sources, he is currently being given the best treatment possible and is recuperating well. He also took on the royal duties soon after the diagnosis. While some other concerning reports also suggest that the king’s health is deteriorating, Charles himself has shared a side effect he is suffering from because of the treatment.

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    Here’s What King Charles Is Suffering From As A Side Effect Of Cancer Treatment

    King Charles
    King Charles

    Amid his ongoing cancer treatment, King Charles recently revealed that he has lost his sense of taste and smell as part of the side effects. The monarch revealed this detail in a rare moment of vulnerability while attending a ceremony alongside his son Prince William at the Army Aviation Centre in Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

    The event was a significant one with both professional and personal value, as Prince William was appointed the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps.

    Amid the celebration, the monarch stole some moments of empathy for Army veteran Aaron Mapplebeck, who battled testicular cancer and underwent chemotherapy. The monarch acknowledged that just like  Mapplebeck, he is also going trough the harrowing experience of losing his sense of taste and smell as a side effect during his cancer treatment.

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    King Charles Evokes Mixed Emotions While Passing The Baton To Prince William

    King Charles
    King Charles

    The ceremony marked a milestone for Prince William, but it also was a bittersweet moment for the monarch who passed on his military responsibilities to his son. King Charles had mixed emotions for as he expressed both joy and sadness while reflecting on his 32 years of involvement with the Army Air Corps.

    What a great joy it is to be here on this occasion,” King Charles said addressing the guests at the event. “But also it is tinged with great sadness after 32 years of knowing you all and admiring your many activities and your achievements.”

    He also took a moment to praise Prince William’s abilities as a pilot. King Charles proudly talked about his son’s competence and readiness for the role. However, his estranged son Prince Harry was not mentioned during the event, given the long-dented relationship between the two.

    King Charles was seen warmly mingling with the attendees at the event, including schoolchildren. He also commemorated the installation of an Apache AH Mk.1 helicopter in the museum during the event as a tribute to the military history and the legacy of the Army Air Corps.

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