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    King Charles Will Be “Too Busy” To Meet Prince Harry During His Upcoming London Visit

    Amid the long ongoing British Royal Family drama, King Charles‘s cancer diagnosis came as a huge twist. While many believed that a health crisis such as this would bring the ousted Prince Harry back to his family, they were wrong. The dented relationship between the father-son duo has not been mended despite the health scare.

    All eyes are now on Prince Harry’s upcoming trip to the UK in May. Not surprisingly, the trip plan is not without hurdles as reports suggest that both King Charles and Prince William may be too busy to meet with Prince Harry while he’s there.

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    King Charles Has Only A Few Minutes To Spare For Prince Harry

    King Charles and Prince Harry
    King Charles and Prince Harry

    Despite the widespread hopes for a potential reconciliation between the estranged members of the royal family, a recent report by The Telegraph has once again crushed them. As the Duke of Sussex is set to visit London for his Invictus Games commitments, many were hoping that he would meet with his father and brother’s family.

    However, sources close to the royal family have revealed that both King Charles and Prince William have jam-packed schedules. It is therefore going to be challenging for the royals to carve a schedule that would be convenient for all three to have a formal sit-down during Prince Harry’s visit.

    According to The Telegraph, the King’s calendar is loaded with appointments, including a weekly audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Though the father-son duo have not seen each other in over 2 months now, the King would only be able to meet Prince Harry for more than a few minutes.

    The King’s schedule is full of engagements, including a weekly audience with Rishi Sunak, and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to squeeze in a sit-down with Harry,” a report stated. The strained relationship between the two brothers as well as between Prince Harry and King Charles has been ongoing for several years since he stepped down from his royal duties after getting married to Meghan Markle.

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    Possibility Of The Royal Reconciliation Remains Feeble

    Prince Harry, King Charles and Prince William
    Prince Harry, King Charles and Prince William

    King Charles is also set to attend several events lined up for the week, starting with the opening Buckingham Palace garden party. Prince Harry, meanwhile, is likely to utilize his visit as an opportunity to connect with the British charities he supports in the UK. The prospect of reconciliation that many have been hoping for remains feeble given the reported situations.

    The last Prince Harry visited his father was during the monarch’s cancer diagnosis. Various reports at the time suggested that the illness had ignited hopes of reconciliation. However, soon enough, sources revealed that Prince Harry did not feel welcomed during his last visit back home. Meanwhile, some other reports contended that King Charles is desperate to reconcile with his estranged son.

    It’s been two months since King Charles publicly announced his cancer diagnosis, with palace officials reassuring that he is under treatment and recuperating well. However, recent reports have revealed that the king’s health is deteriorating over time, with plans for his funerals being looked into.

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