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    “Are You Guys High Or What?” – Netizens Question Google’s Hiring Process After A Man Rejected For 39 Times Gets Selected On 40th Attempt

    What is the maximum number of tries you’d be willing to make at a company after getting rejected? Maybe five, or maximum, ten? Rejections often feel demotivating and stressful. Well, not for a resident of San Francisco, named Tyler Cohen, who refused to stop at nothing for getting a job at Google.

    Tyler Cohen’s dream was to work at Google. Previously, he was working as an Associate Manager, Strategy & Ops at DoorDash. While working at his job, he also kept applying at Google. Tyler applied a total number of 39 times. Framing it differently, Google rejected him the job offer 39 times. 40 might have been his lucky number because on the 40th attempt, he got the job. Sharing on LinkedIn about his successful trials, many people started questioning Google’s hiring process.

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    Google Taught The ‘Fine Line Between Perseverance And Insanity’

    Ty;er Cohen's LinkedIn Post about getting accepted by Google at the 40th Attempt
    Tyler Cohen’s viral LinkedIn post

    Tyler Cohen kept attempting continuously for three years. The first attempt he made was in August 2019 and kept getting rejected till July 19, 2022. In 2019, he sent six applications. In 2020, the trials jumped to seventeen. Twelve attempts in 2021 and five in 2022. The giant tech finally gave him the job offer.

    Sharing his win on LinkedIn, he posted, “There’s a fine line between perseverance and insanity. I’m still trying to figure out which one I have. 39 rejections, 1 acceptance.” His post went viral, currently with 42,632 reactions and 987 comments. Numerous people shared their thoughts on this, some congratulated him, while others raised questions at Google’s hiring process. One of the comments said, “Why label things? As you get it now we call it perseverance, but if you never get it, we will call it insanity…… So just do it.”

    Netizens Criticize and Question Google’s Hiring Process

    Netizens criticise Google's hiring process after Tyler Cohen's LinkedIn post goes viral
    Netizens criticize Google’s hiring process after Tyler Cohen’s LinkedIn post goes viral

    Amidst the congratulatory and inspirational comments were also some negative ones, criticizing the entire situation.

    One comment said, “Despite all the positive comments, I don’t really see what’s positive about this. You applied on May 3rd and got rejected, then applied again on May 6th and got the job. We can only assume that the two applications were for very different roles, otherwise it would mean that Google hiring process is completely random.”

    Another one pointed out, “Google is such a dream-company that your goal is just to get into the company, no matter what role you’re offered? And so you spent the last two years applying for 39 different roles? Or maybe these were 39 similar roles, so at the end it’s just a matter of luck.” Tyler replied to this comment by saying that he wouldn’t change the role he has been offered for the world, and he is very happy with it. 

    A user named Christopher S commented, “Most employees provide no support on how to develop a resume that Google will review. This post only proves the Google’s hiring system doesn’t care about their applicants, and the real truth on what Google really is.” 

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