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    Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers Try Chocolate For The First Time In This Emotional Video

    We live in a world where the individuals who are responsible for providing our basic necessities can’t even afford to buy those things themselves. When it comes to the world’s biggest exporter of cocoa beans, the Ivory Coast, take a look at the situation of cocoa growers there.

    About a third of the world’s beans come from this country. Only 3% of the money you pay for a chocolate bar goes back to the farmers who cultivate the beans, according to this CNN infographic. Only a portion of the beans’ value goes to those who process the beans into chocolate and sell it in stores throughout the world. As a result, a $2 bar of chocolate is out of the grasp of Ivory Coast farmers.

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    These Cocoa Farmers Have Never Had Chocolate Before

    We all appreciate a good piece of chocolate, and the Ivory Coast farmers are no exception. After being taken aback by its sweetness, they soon broke out in broad grins, clearly enjoying their first mouthful.

    We can clearly see the chasm of cultures when farmers claim that the final bar of chocolate could never have been manufactured with the raw beans they harvest on a daily basis and that most employees believed cacao was used to make wine.

    It’s a fascinating look at how much work goes into making chocolate, but it also focuses on the gap between farmers and the things they produce every day.

    It’s A Sad Truth And A Sign Of How Unequal Our Society Has Become

    Cocoa Farmers
    Cocoa Farmers

    A sad fact and a sign of our society’s inequity is that many of those who work hard will never reap the rewards. An opportunity to taste the chocolate made from their beans was presented to a group of cocoa bean farmers in Africa’s Ivory Coast recently.

    Ivory Coast is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans, despite its modest size in West Africa. Though they’ve worked with cacao beans for decades, many of the farmers in this region hadn’t even tried chocolate until lately!

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