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    What’s Your Love Language? Find Out With This Optical Illusion

    Optical illusions are images that we perceive differently from what they actually are. They occur when the communication between what our eyes see and what the brain perceives gets mixed up. Optical illusions can also reveal personality traits, including love language.

    As per Dr. Gary Chapman, when people try to express love, they speak at least one of the five love languages – receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. There’s an optical illusion in the animal you spot first reveals your love language.

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    Know About Your Love Language With Optical Illusion

    A person has to look at the image carefully for spotting the animals. So which animal did you spot first? Let’s take a look at your love language according to the animal you saw.

    Optical illusion
    Optical illusion

    The Bird

    If you spotted the bird first then it means that you are an expressive person. It does not mean that you have to be the center of the stage every time, nor does it mean that you are at your best when you are with a group of people you love. An expressive person generally influences or persuades others.

    The Crab

    If you spotted the crab first then it means that your love language is physical touch. People with this language prefer holding hands rather than words of assurance from their partners. They feel that they should show feelings of love and affection for their partners.

    The Dolphin

    Spotting the dolphin first indicates that you are creative and your love language is physical touch. According to experts, “When such people spend life focusing on the world of the imagination, it is also important that your romantic partner be able to ground you.” A creative person is one who invents things.

    The Dolphin
    The Dolphin

    The Horse

    If you spotted the horse first then it indicates that you are known for your stubbornness and that your love language is an act of service. This indicates that you like doing something for your partner that you know they would like.

    The horse
    The horse

    The Hidden Ducklings

    Spotting this animal first indicates that your love language is quality time. You prefer to have plenty of time for you and your partner to focus on one another and share something meaningful. You do not want materialistic gifts or touch but want to spend meaningful time together.

    The Puppy

    For those who spotted the puppy, your love language is quality time. According to experts, you are not a pushover and like to keep others ahead of yourself.

    The Bear

    If you spotted this animal first then your love language is of receiving gifts. You prefer people expressing their feelings for you through tangible objects.

    More On Identifying Your Language Of Love

    If you couldn’t find out your love language from the above points then here are some of the tools which might help you: Think about what you ask for most. If you like them bringing flowers for you while coming back from work, your language might be receiving gifts.

    Think about what hurts you the most when it is not present. Missing things can be a great indicator of what you want. Think about how you express the most. If you plan and organize dates then probably your language is of service. If you praise your partner always then you might be into words.

    And, of course, more important than finding your own love language is to find out the language of your partner. If you can bond with their language, you might just take your relationship to the next level.

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