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    ‘Breaking Bad’: Why Did Walter White Engulf Everyone Because Of His Greed?

    Breaking Bad‘ is easily one of the most influential television series of the past century. Its gripping story, complimented by great performances, stuck a chord with its viewers. Spanning five seasons with over 60 episodes, the show has had a long-lasting impact on TV storytelling.

    One of its leading characters is Walter White, a chemistry teacher. The story chronicles the events that take place after he resorts to selling drugs once he is diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer. But his greed is something that’s a pivotal trait of his character that shapes the story.

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    ‘Breaking Bad’: The Transformation Of Walter White

    Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'
    Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

    When ‘Breaking Bad‘ starts, we see Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) as a sad, disrespected, overqualified yet underpaid chemistry teacher at a high school. He is mocked by his students, and his boss at a car wash center where he works part-time.

    However, he takes matters into his hand once he realizes that his days are numbered. He contacts his former student Jesse Pinkman and they start cooking and selling crystal meth for money.

    White, who has always seen a dearth of money in his life, wants more and hence contacts a higher seller for the meth. This one decision spirals into events that have many consequences. Even Pinkman tries to stop him and wants to bail out, but White convinces him to follow suit.

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    White Gets Addicted To Power

    Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'
    Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

    Slowly, White transforms into a ruthless drug dealer and uses the moniker, Heisenberg. When his secret (that he sells meth) is exposed in front of his family, White resorts to melodrama. He says he has been doing it for the family. White explains that he is minting money for his wife Skyler and their son White Jr.’s education, who has cerebral palsy.

    He manages to convince them and even gets Skyler’s help in hiding and turning the money into something legit. But the problem with White is that he doesn’t know when to stop. He has already turned into a millionaire but he still wants more.

    His greed continues to feed a monster that engulfs everyone around him. Hank Schrader, his brother-in-law gets killed, and his family’s life turns upside-down. Towards the end, White is on his way to killing the people responsible for Hank’s death. Skyler asks him why he did all that. To which he responds, “I did it for me.” He explains how he was always powerless and weak. But since getting into drugs, he felt power and control which made him want it more. But, it’s too late to realize that, and White is killed in the end.

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