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    “Couldn’t Have Dreamt Of That”: ‘The Boys’ Star Nathan Mitchell Is Thrilled To Play Black Noir, A Character That Inspired ‘Superman’ Villain

    Eric Kripke’s The Boys’ has one very interesting character played by Nathan Mitchell. Black Noir can be compared to a rogue Superman. Devoted to the Vought CEO Stan Edgar, Noir guided Homelander at the beginning of his character. However, it seems James Gunn took some inspiration from the character. 

    In his highly anticipated ‘Superman’, James Gunn seems to have incorporated a character inspired from Black Noir. Recent press photos leaked from the set highly suggest so. Actor Nathan Mitchell reflects on this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

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    Nathan Mitchell On Inspiring A Superman Villain 

    Black Noir
    Black Noir

    For four seasons of ‘The Boys’, Nathan Mitchell has been playing the masked antihero, Black Noir. Now it seems that James Gunn has also taken inspiration from the character for ‘Superman’. Leaked photos from the set show a figure dressed in all black leading a hand-cuffed Superman along the street with a team of soldiers carrying assault rifles.

    I might be missing something, but it is hard for me to imagine another superhero in pop culture right now that looks like Black Noir,” Nathan Mitchell said. “The goggles were reminiscent, and the all black,” Mitchell tells Entertainment Weekly. Nathan continued, “I don’t know 100 percent, but the possibility that I could be playing a character that has had an impact to the extent that it inspires an antagonist in a Superman movie, I couldn’t have thought or dreamed of that.”

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    Nathan Mitchell Talks About Playing Black Noir 

    Black Noir
    Black Noir

    The character of Black Noir is unique in the sense that he never speaks on screen. His expressions are expressed through body language and this was a challenge for Nathan Mitchell. But he has pulled it off amazingly. So Mitchell was asked what he feels about Black Noir taking off his mask. 

    To this, Nathan Mitchell said, “When I got the role, I was told this character doesn’t speak and that we don’t see his face. I took the role with that in mind and I embraced that reality.” He continued, “While I always hoped for it, it was never something that had been brought up as being on the table. All I could do was dive into Noir with everything that I had and see what happened.”

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