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    “I Would Be Amazed”: Jim Parsons Reacts To Prospect Of Michael Keaton Playing Old Sheldon In Another ‘TBBT’ Spin-Off

    The Big Bang Theory’ has been in the limelight recently for developments in its upcoming spin-offs and the finale of its existing prequel, ‘Young Sheldon’. Jim Parsons, who played the role of the iconic Sheldon Cooper in the original series, has weighed in on the recent buzz about Michael Keaton potentially playing an older version of his character in the upcoming spinoff.

    During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Parsons had a lively discussion with host Jimmy Fallon about the fan casting. After Fallon presented a side-by-side comparison of young Keaton and Iain Armitage, who portrays young Sheldon, Parsons was visibly amazed at the striking resemblance between the two actors.

    It is interesting. There’s definitely a resemblance,” Parsons said. “The one thing I will say is Michael Keaton — that really looks like Michael Keaton still, doesn’t it?”

    While fans have been eager to see Keaton take on the role of an “Older Sheldon” in a spinoff series, Parsons remained realistic about the possibility and thrashed it. “Let me tell you this: I doubt that’s going to happen,” he said. “But I would be so excited to have Michael Keaton added to the lineage of Sheldon portrayers. I would be amazed.”

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    Jim Parsons Reveals He Has Always Been A Huge Fan Of Michael Keaton

    Jim Parsons in 'The Big bang Theory'
    Jim Parsons in ‘The Big bang Theory’

    Jim Parsons also expressed his lifelong admiration for Michael Keaton, citing him as a source of inspiration since his early days in the industry. “Oh, I’ve admired that man my entire life, starting with Mr. Mom,” he said.

    I mean, what a great guy. He’s a wonderful actor,Parsons said, adding that he’d met Keaton “in passing at some stupid industry event” for just a “quick hello and goodbye!”

    While the prospect of Keaton joining the Cooper family may be uncertain, Parsons did confirm that he and Mayim Bialik will be reprising their roles in the upcoming ‘Young Sheldon’ finale. Parsons admitted that returning to their old characters wasn’t as seamless as expected, as he deemed it a bumpy ride that eventually smoothed out.

    The only thing that was weird was the first time she and I got on set, we did our first rehearsal, and it was like, ‘huh.’ And we were walking back to the dressing room and she goes, ‘I really thought I’d feel more confident,’” Parsons said. “And that nails it. I don’t know what it is.”

    It wasn’t like riding a bike, it was like, ‘Oh! Ah! God!’” Parsons joked. Fans would get to see the actor reprising his iconic role as Sheldon Cooper on May 16 in the ‘Young Sheldon‘ finale.

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