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“If You Blinked Then…”: Twitter Is Reacting To A Very Short Cameo Of Alexa Demie In The Lily Rose Depp-Starrer ‘The Idol’

Sam Levinson’s highly controversial HBO series, ‘The Idol,’ premiered on June 4, 2023. The series was marred with controversy even before it started streaming. It had budgetary issues and a borderline p****graphic narrative. It stars Lily Rose-Depp as Jocelyn and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye as Tedros.


‘The Idol’ is the story of a troubled pop star, Jocelyn, who wants to resurrect her career after an emotional breakdown. While doing so, she meets a club owner in Los Angeles, Tedros, who gets into a raunchy relationship with her and nudges her to join a Wide Eyes Shut-esque cult. The first episode got a lull response compared to Sam’s previous endeavor, ‘Euphoria.’ However, fans were excited to see Blackpink’s Jennie and Alexa Demie’s cameos. But the fans of the latter were not happy to see a short cameo by the actress.

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Alexa Demie Had A Short Appearance In The First Episode Of ‘The Idol’

Alexa Demie and Jennie in the first episode of 'The Idol'
Alexa Demie and Jennie in the first episode of ‘The Idol’

The first episode, ‘Pop Tarts and Rat Tales,’ was a blurry yet setting-the-mood inception into the world that ‘The Idol’ set in. In the first shot, we see Lily Rose-Depp‘s Jocelyn posing for a photo shoot for a comeback after her mother’s demise. A close-up transforming into a wide-angle shot introduces us to the behind-the-scenes making of a pop star. The episode did allude to the satirization part of the dark side of the pop industry. However, a picture of Jocelyn’s face drenched in cum threatens the perfectly orchestrated comeback.

In the first episode, we see many familiar faces. Troye Sivan is the creative head of Jocelyn’s new single. Dan Levy is handling the PR for the pop star, and Jennie is seen as one of the dancers in the pop star’s troop. Jocelyn’s entourage is trying their best to hide the picture of another psychotic breakdown by the pop star. But when they finally break it to her, she simply says, “It could have been worse.” When Jocelyn hits the club that Jennie recommends, we see Abel’s Tedros running his magic on her. But the eagle-eyed fans saw Alexa Demie in the episode partying along with Jocelyn and Jennie.

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Twitter Is Happy And Disappointed To See A Short Cameo Of The ‘Euphoria’ Star

Maddy Perez in 'Euphoria'
Maddy Perez in ‘Euphoria’

Both of Sam Levinson’s projects, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘The Idol,’ have been caught in a whirlwind of controversy. However, some fans have stood by ‘Euphoria,’ making it a pop culture phenomenon. Now, with ‘The Idol,’ the fans are eager to see Jennie’s debut with the series.

Sam Levinson confirmed that his recent series exists in the same world as ‘The Idol.’ However, fans were elated and disappointed with her short appearance.



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