‘Succession’ Season 4: Which Character Becomes GoJo’s American CEO In The Finale?

The 'A meal fit for King' scene ended with Jeremy Strong throwing up on 'Succession'
The 'A meal fit for King' scene ended with Jeremy Strong throwing up on 'Succession'

Television’s much-awaited curtain call ended with the total disruption of hierarchy. ‘Succession’ was a shocking reminder of how even certainty is the most uncertain thing. Blood is thicker than water, but poison prevails. The final venomous showdown between Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan is the last straw of them losing it all.


As Kendall and Roman move against Siobhan, Mattson interviews candidates for the GoJo CEO position. Forced to come together for one last time, the siblings realize their father was right about them not being “serious people.” This prophecy haunts the Roy siblings, all finding tragic endings in the final chapter of ‘Succession.’

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‘Succession’ Season 4: Where’s Roman Hiding?

Siobhan (right) finds herself trapped into staying with Tom (left)

With the split factions scrambling for enough votes, everyone’s asking the same question, is Roman going to show up for the vote? After getting beat up by a crowd of protesters, Roman hides in his mother’s Barbados estate to lick his wounds. As Kendall and Siobhan locate him, it becomes a hilariously awkward reunion. While the trio stays for dinner, last-minute backstabbing continues over the dinner courses.


Lukas Matsson, the sniffling Swede, is looking for candidates for his puppet CEO. It’s no longer going to be Siobhan. At the table, Matsson offers the job to Tom. But thanks to Greg, the siblings find out. The clearing of the air between the siblings leads to further aggravations. But still wanting to keep the business in the family, Roman and Siobhan decide to let Kendall run the show and present a United front. And now the race begins!

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‘Succession’ Season 4: The Fall Of The Roy Empire

Kendall contemplates life after the death of his dreams

It’s game day, and fireworks are about to go off. During the board meeting, the vote seemed to go just like Kendall wanted. It’s tied 6-6, with Siobhan about to swing it in his favor. Except the world of ‘Succession’ is supremely Shakespearean with sudden moments of madness and upheavals. Now a mother, Siobhan realizes the power she wields- the weapon of bloodline and succession.


Siobhan has second thoughts about Kendall’s competency. When Kendall throws a tantrum, things take a turn for the worst. Siobhan reminds Kendall how he was responsible for the death of a waiter. Everything will be lost if he’s CEO and this news comes out. Besides, Roman casually questions about Kendall‘s children not being his but of the ‘filing cabinet’ guy. This pushes Kendall over the edge as he almost chokes the life out of Roman.

Kendall has fallen apart. Roman was never meant to have it; Siobhan was deprived. The tied vote goes out of their hands, with the GoJo deal finally coming to agreed terms. Tom Wambsgans becomes Matsson’s CEO. As the celebrations roll, the siblings pick a corner to cry. All of the Mad King’s children come to terms with the fact that the crown was never meant for them. The crown meant to elevate them pushed them further into the ground where their father rests.

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