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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Which AFC Richmond Players Make The International Squad?

    There’s no more incredible honor for an athlete than to represent their country at the international level. Unfortunately, not everyone at AFC Richmond got the call on ‘Ted Lasso.’ The most devastating snub is of Sam Obisanya, who’s left behind due to political and personal grudges.

    Another news that upsets and surprises the fans is the dismissal of Nate despite West Ham being in the second position at the table. This step back sends him back to his parents’ house, where he finds answers about himself and learns about forgiveness.

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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Only A Few Good Men

    Sam Obisanya (right) fails to make him national roster
    Sam Obisanya (right) fails to make the national roster

    Unfortunately, only a handful of players make it to their international squads- Dani Rojas for Mexico, Thierry Zoreaux, aka Van Damme, for Canada, Colin Hughes for Wales, Bumbercatch for Switzerland, and Jamie Tartt for England. Sam Obisanya is kept out of the Nigerian squad despite his outstanding form. We find out why.

    Edwin Akufo is in town, turning up to Sam’s restaurant to inform him he still isn’t over his snub of him. Before leaving, he tells Sam about bribing the national football team to keep him out. But this isn’t the only reason for Eswin making the trip. He plans to bring more teams into the fold of his Super League.

    Meanwhile, Richmond players watch their friends play for the national. Soon as Dani is in his national colors, he turns combative with Zoreaux. During the time between Mexico and Canada, Dani smashes his shot right into Zoreaux’s nose. In other news, Jamie gets to debut for Three Lions, his jersey number 24 dedicated to his friend Sam. Football is life.

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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Why Does Nate Leave West Ham United?

    Is Nate headed back to AFC Richmond ?
    Is Nate headed back to AFC Richmond?

    The news of Nate The Wonder Kid’s dismal under mysterious circumstances is an absolute shocker. According to Trent Crimm, there have been whispers of an inappropriate work environment at West Ham United. But that’s not Nate. It’s more likely he left, finally not being oblivious to his boss’ true colors. Later, Rebecca meets Rupert’s new secretary, confirming her suspicions about what happened.

    Depressed and with his girlfriend out of the country, he breaks into his parent’s house. Nate finally stands up to his brooding father, asking why he’s always been so distant. It’s the typical lack of understanding and communication that separates us from our parents. They reconcile, with Nate finally getting rid of his sense of shame and the resulting anger. The first person he makes amends to is Will, by tidying up for him. Change is afoot, with Nate as the likely successor when Coach Lasso leaves.

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