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    ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Takes A Hilariously Bold Jab At Amazon For Personalized Ads

    The fourth season ofThe Boys continues its ruthless takedown of superhero tropes and the corporations that exploit them. However, one clever scene takes aim at a more pervasive issue: personalized advertising. 

    Now, series creator Eric Kripke has revealed his inspiration behind this hilarious and thought-provoking scene, a real-life proposal from Amazon itself. While the show airs on the platform, it never shies away from satirizing the very practices that make Amazon a powerhouse further giving it a realistic touch. Here’s what the genius of Kripke has boldly done now.  

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    A Deep Dive into Vought+: Where Ads Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

    'Personalized Ad Placement' in The Boys
    ‘Personalized Ad Placement’ in The Boys

    In the fifth episode of season 4 of ‘The Boys‘, viewers are treated to a glimpse into Vought+, the streaming service owned by the fictional Vought corporation (think a more twisted version of Disney+). During a presentation of their upcoming superhero show, ‘Rising Tide,’ things get strange. 

    Depending on the race of the person watching, the character holding a beverage changes – a white character holds an IPA, while a Black character sees the same character holding a bottle of peach cognac.

    This seemingly outlandish scenario is actually a clever jab at the ever-growing presence of personalized advertising. While it may seem like a clever move, it also is equally bold, since Amazon is the very company that streams the show and also is the on the top of the list of businesses on the receiving end of this jab.  

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    How Amazon Inspired The Hilarious Scene In ‘The Boys

    The Boys' creator Eric Kripke
    The Boys’ creator Eric Kripke

    Eris Kripke is known to make quite a few bold statements, especially since his show started receiving some harsh criticism from viewers. In yet another classic move, he took to Twitter to make it clear that his jab indeed is aimed at Amazon.

    According to Kripke’s recent tweet, Amazon actually pitched the concept of “custom digital product placement” for the show. This technology would allow ads to change based on viewer data, creating a hyper-personalized marketing experience.

    “Y’know, custom digital product placement is a real thing, you guys. Amazon pitched it to us for #TheBoys, we said no thanks, but we’re definitely making a joke about it in Season 4,” Kripke wrote in the tweet. The decision easily transformed the Amazon pitch into a scathing social commentary. 

    By making light of such a creepy practice, the show forces viewers to confront the increasingly intrusive nature of targeted advertising. ‘The Boys’ has always been known for its willingness to bite the hand that feeds it. The show’s constant criticism of corporate greed and superhero commercialization directly targets the entertainment industry itself. 

    This latest jab at personalized advertising is another example of the show’s sharp wit and social awareness. Additionally, the scene also adds another layer to the complex relationship between ‘The Boys’ and Amazon. Moreover, this creates a fascinating tension, making viewers question the line between entertainment and critique.

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