Top political TV series
Top political TV series

Marathon-watching these excellent political episodes might provide you with the motivation and understanding you need if you’re hoping to succeed in politics. These shows provide viewers an insight into the complexities of politics, power battles, and policy-making via everything from dark drama to clever humor.

If you’re interested in drama, studying political science, or want to work in politics, there’s a show out there that will catch your eye. Every series has something unique to offer, from the humorous to the tragic, and from the tender to the sardonic.

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The Best Political TV Series

10. Designated Survivor

What would happen if a member of the lower cabinet suddenly became president? In ‘Designated Survivor,’ Tom Kirkman navigates his sudden climb to power and the problems that come with it, providing a compelling drama in response to this.

It’s a political Cinderella story that’s available to stream on Netflix and has an IMDb rating of 7.5. You’ll be hooked from the first episode.

9. Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary‘ follows the travels of Elizabeth McCord, the Secretary of State at the moment and a former CIA analyst. The show demonstrates, how to blend family strife with political intrigue to balance personal and professional life.

With an IMDb rating of 7.6, this Netflix show is ideal for individuals who aspire to manage both PTA meetings and global problems. This is your show if you believe that you are capable of handling both.

8. Scandal

In ‘Scandal‘, Olivia Pope, a former director of communications for the White House, launches her own crisis management company. An exciting mix of secrets, political scheming, and the intricacies of Washington, D.C. characterizes the series.

This series has a 7.7 IMDb rating and is streaming on Hulu, is perfect for fans of stunning story twists and strong female protagonists. Just be ready to let out an audible gasp once every episode, minimum.

7. Veep

If you prefer a lighter take on politics, ‘Veep‘ is your go-to. A scathing look at the absurdity of political life is provided by this comedy series, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the charmingly imperfect Vice President Selina Meyer.

With an IMDb rating of 8.3, HBO Max offers a comedy that is similar to the craziness of real-life politics but more funnier. It’s ideal for times when you need to laugh aloud at how absurd everything is.

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6. The Man in the High Castle

In ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ political opposition and intrigue in a divided America are examined in an alternate past where the Axis powers prevailed in World War II. This dystopian series offers an interesting perspective on authority and government.

It’s like a political what-if game gone wild, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with an IMDb rating of 8.0. For individuals who enjoy imagining a whole new world, it’s ideal.

5. The Good Wife

A former state’s attorney, Alicia Florrick is the protagonist of ‘The Good Wife,’ a drama that combines political and legal themes. She returns to the business when her husband is imprisoned. The link between politics and the law is presented in a sophisticated manner in this presentation.

With an 8.3 IMDb rating and a captivating mix of political hijinks and courtroom drama, watch it on Paramount+. You’ll be left wondering what will happen in the courts and on the campaign road next.

4. The Newsroom

Though it’s not strictly political, ‘The Newsroom‘ offers an insightful look at the news-making process and how it impacts politics. The series provides an engaging examination of the duties and ethics of political journalism.

Having an 8.6 IMDb rating, accessible on HBO Max. Additionally, you will see several incredible monologues by Jeff Daniels, which may inspire you to pursue a career in journalism.

3. House Of Cards

Feeling like something a little darker? The brutal rise to power of Frank Underwood, a lawmaker who would do anything it takes to get it, is examined in “House of Cards.”

This Netflix series, with an 8.7 IMDb rating, is a frightening depiction of ambition and deception in the highest levels of government. Remember, it’s definitely time to take a pause and reevaluate your life decisions if you start acting like Frank.

2. The Crown

The Crownprovides insightful observations on political processes and government, despite its focus on British aristocracy. It is a brilliant portrayal of the political events that defined contemporary Britain and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is impressively rated 8.7 on IMDb and is available on Netflix. Moreover, it’s a fantastic opportunity to hone your British accent and feel sophisticated while viewing.

1. The West Wing

The West Wing,’ an enduring classic, explores the lives of White House staff members as they negotiate the political system. The captivating President Josiah Bartlet leads this Emmy-winning series, which offers a thoughtful, optimistic look at American politics.

With an amazing IMDb rating of 8.9, the HBO Max series transports viewers to the Oval Office—minus the stress and never-ending supply of coffee.

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