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    Top 10 Teen Drama Series To Binge-Watch While You Wait For ‘Euphoria 3’

    HBO’s ‘Euphoria‘ has been one of the most popular TV shows to come around this decade. From a gripping storyline and relatable characters, to an immensely talented cast; Sam Levinson’s teen drama truly gave fans all of it.

    As fans patiently wait for the third season of the show, that has successfully been running for two seasons and will probably end with the third season, here are ten other drama series’ similar to ‘Euphoria‘ to help with your binge watching needs. Grab a popcorn and settle down!

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    1. Sex Education

    Poster for 'Sex Education'
    Poster for ‘Sex Education’

    If you’re looking for more of college drama and bold characters, Netflix has a wide range to offer and ‘Sex Education‘ possibly ranks among the best ones.

    Created by Laurie Nunn, the show centers on Otis Milburn, a socially awkward young adult who lives with his mother, Jean, a sex therapist, and is set in the fictitious Moordale Secondary School. Otis inherited his mother’s skill for sex therapy despite his lack of experience, and he and his rebellious friend Maeve Wiley form an underground sex therapy clinic at school to assist their peers with a range of emotional and sexual problems.

    With comedy and tact, the series deftly tackles difficult subjects including sexual identity, relationships, consent, and the difficulties of puberty.

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    2. Thirteen Reasons Why

    Poster for 'Thirteen Reasons Why'
    Poster for ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

    Based on the novel by Jay Asher, this series was quite the buzz when it was released in 2017. Apart from it’s storyline, the show is also known to have a phenomenal soundtrack and A class acts from all the actors. The teen drama series has four seasons.

    The show tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school girl who commits suicide. Before dying, she records thirteen tapes, each one addressed to a different individual she believes had a part in her choice to take her own life. The records tell the story of thirteen reasons, or thirteen people who contributed to her struggles, leading her to kill herself.
    The show centers on Clay Jensen, a classmate of Hannah’s who receives the tapes. As he listens to them, he learns about the interwoven incidents and peer behaviors that led to Hannah’s suffering. As Clay listens to more of the records, he wrestles with his own guilt and looks for Hannah’s justice.

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    3. The Summer I Turned Pretty

    Poster for 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'
    Poster for ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

    In case you’re looking for something that’s more light and you’re a fan of book adaptations, then this one might just be for you. Based on Jenny Han’s book of the same name, the teen drama has two seasons and is soon expected to release a third season.

    The story revolves around Isabel “Belly” Conklin, the protagonist of the show, who spends every summer at Cousins Beach with her mother, brother, and other family members, including the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. New love conflicts and complex emotions arise as Belly’s grows into a young woman and becomes somewhat of a crush to everyone. Although Conrad and his brother Jeremiah have always had a thing for Belly, they both begin to view her differently. The show is particularly popular for the love triangle as fans pick sides between the two boys along with Belly. A cherry on the cake is the show’s inclusion of A LOT of Taylor Swift songs.

    4. Gossip Girl

    Poster for 'Gossip Girl'
    Poster for ‘Gossip Girl’

    This one needs no introduction. A classic gem from the late 2000s, ‘Gossip Girl’, set in the Upper East Side of New York City, centers on the lives of aristocratic high school students Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, and Chuck Bass. The teen drama is narrated by a mysterious and all-knowing blogger “Gossip Girl”, who uses her blog to reveal the secrets and controversies of the characters, creating most of the storyline. The characters’ luxurious lives are continuously disrupted by Gossip Girl’s revelations as they navigate friendship, love, and rivalry.

    Needless to say, this show is one of the most popular shows of that time, with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester emerging as inspirational fashion icons. Of present the show has a huge cult following and continues to captivate audience.

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    5. Ginny And Georgia

    Poster for 'Ginny And Georgia'
    Poster for ‘Ginny And Georgia’

    Another Netflix hit, this one is even considered to be a modern day version of ‘Gilmore Girls.‘ It centers on the lives of 15-year-old Ginny Miller and her mother, Georgia, who is 30 years old.

    After years of moving about, Georgia settles down in the charming town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, with the intention of giving her two children, Ginny and Austin, a stable upbringing. While Ginny experiences the complexity of puberty, high school, and her changing identity, it also puts a strain on her relationship with her mother and her ever happening idiosyncrasies. Georgia’s mysterious history, which is full of secrets and sporadic illegal activity starts to catch up with Ginny as the show progresses.

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    6. The End Of The F*****g World

    Poster for 'The End Of The F*****g World'
    Poster for ‘The End Of The F*****g World’

    This one takes a more darker turn when it comes to it’s theme. It centers on James and Alyssa, two dysfunctional teens as the two protagonists of the show. James, a self-described psychopath, plans to kill his rebellious classmate Alyssa, but as they travel together to get away from their chaotic circumstances, their bond takes surprising twists. They battle their inner demons and strengthen a deep friendship as they travel through a series of misfortunes.

    The teen drama series blends dark comedy with moving moments as it tackles topics of trauma, puberty, and the search for identity.

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    7. Never Have I Ever

    Poster for 'Never Have I Ever'
    Poster for ‘Never Have I Ever’

    If you’re a fan of South Asian culture and Indian characters, then this one is definitely for you! Created by Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling, the show chronicles the lives of Devi Vishwakumar, a GenZ Indian-American teenager living in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles as she tries to deal with high school, family, and teenage.

    Devi faces the usual adolescent issues of romance, identity, and academic demands in addition to grieving the unexpected death of her father. The show also brilliantly explores a mother daughter dynamic between her and her mom. It also has a complex romantic side as she deals with her love life that includes Paxton Hall-Yoshida, and Ben Gross.

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    8. The Sex Lives Of College Girls

    Poster for 'The Sex Lives Of College Girls'
    Poster for ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’

    If you loved Renee Rapp in ‘Mean Girls’ then you should definitely catch her on ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls.’ The teen drama centers on the sexually adventurous lifestyles of four 18-year-old roommates, Bela, Leighton, Kimberly, and Whitney, living in Essex College in Vermont as they navigate the challenges and hardships of college and life. The four have rather diverse backgrounds, but like most college roommates, they eventually become close and form an inseparable bond.

    The show got a lot of praise for being sexually inclusive and speaking up about more complicated matters regarding gender and sexuality.

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    9. My So Called Life

    Poster for 'My So Called Life'
    Poster for ‘My So Called Life’

    If you’re a fan of classics and are looking for something more nostalgic, then this might be a perfect pick for you. The coming-of-age show debuted in the mid 1990s and is considered to be way ahead of it’s time, especially because of its advanced themes. It centers on the lives of 15-year-old Angela Chase who struggles with identity, relationships, and adolescence in suburban Pennsylvania. Angela struggles to manage her shifting relationship with her parents, comprehend her changing feelings for her longtime buddy Jordan Catalano and fit in at school.

    The teen drama show focuses on self-discovery, teenage angst, and the pursuit of authenticity in an uncertain environment. Despite having a brief run of only one season, the show is known for striking a chord with viewers with its honest portrayal of puberty and endearing characters. Even decades later, it continues to be a significant show of that time.

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    10. The Idol

    Poster for 'The Idol'
    Poster for ‘The Idol’

    If you’re looking for more of Sam Levinson’s work, then hop in and give ‘The Idol’ a try. Although not that much of a success with the audience, the show’s star studded cast with the likes of The Weeknd, Jennie from Blackpink and Lily Rose Depp created a lot of buzz.

    Following Levinson’s style, the show offers a lot of nudity and sexual themes and gives a look into the lives of music idols, especially a female one who struggles in the industry to reclaim her name.

    The show only lasted for a season but is definitely worth the watch if you’re a fan of The Weeknd.

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