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    ‘Wednesday’ Will Ditch Its Comparisons With ‘Harry Potter’ Films With A Major Twist In Season 2

    Netflix’s ‘Wednesday‘ received quick recognition as soon as its first season got release. The show based on the iconic Addams Family took no time to garner a huge fanbase across the world. With Jenna Ortega in the lead, ‘Wednesday‘ is a dark themed show that explored a supernatural world of fantasies.

    As fans now await the second season of the hit show, the show makers have taken care of one concern that had scarred the show’s authenticity — its comparison with the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise. Many fans had pointed out that the theme, setting and story narrative of the show is quite similar to the iconic Harry Potter franchise. Season Two of ‘Wednesday‘ seemingly won’t leave place for this criticism again. Here’s why.

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    ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Promises A “Bolder, More Dark” Narrative

    Still from 'Wednesday' (Credit: Getty)
    Still from ‘Wednesday’ (Credit: Getty)

    The ‘Wednesday‘ team is ready to greet the fans again with a new season with Jena Ortega and other lead characters reviving their roles and pushing the story narrative further. However, there’s a major change that the show creators have introduced in order to steer clear of the show’s comparisons with the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise.

    The creators of the show have promised to introduce a shift in tone by making it a hit more darker than it is. Season two would have a more horror-centric narrative instead of a story unravelling in the world of mysterious creatures. This  would discard the inevitable parallels to the ‘Harry Potter’ movies that ‘Wednesday’ drew in season 1 due to its fantastical elements and supernatural themes.

    As season 2 looms, star Jenna Ortega has hinted that her character would no more be just an eccentric gothic student navigating her way through a whimsical world — it would be much darker and full of dangers. In an interview with Variety, Jenna Ortega promised that the upcoming season is “going to get bolder, more dark“. 

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    Fans Can Expect More Horror, New Supernatural Characters In Season 2

    Still from 'Wednesday' (Credit: Getty)
    Still from ‘Wednesday’ (Credit: Getty)

    Wednesday’ Season 1 has left viewers with several unanswered questions. The audience are essentially curious about the identity of Wednesday’s stalker and the beast, Tyler’s Hyde, unleashed upon the audience. With Season 2 expected to bring answers to all these questions, fans can expect a lot from it, with a darker and more intense narrative.

    Jenna Ortega has been vocal about the show’s upcoming narrative, though she has been careful not to mention too much. During some of her interviews, Ortega has hinted that season 2 will not only be darker but will also expand on the supernatural world introduced in the first season. This can also mean that some new supernatural characters would be introduced to the narrative.

    Season 2 is scheduled for a 2025 release, though the exact dates of the release have not been set yet. While the first season embraced a gothic vibe suitable for an Addams Family offshoot, the comparisons to ‘Harry Potter’ were inevitable. However, with season 2 leaning further into horror, the anticipated comparisons are expected to lessen.

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