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    Who Is Adar In ‘The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’?

    There’s a new villain in Middle-earth, Adar. The third episode of the series, The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power came out on September 9, and fans are puzzled by the constant mentioning of the name, Adar. Through the episode, one can hear the elves and human slaves speculating that Adar can be Sauron. But is he? And as the episode ends the elf Arondir, a survivor of the uprising is taken to Adar. The audience will have to wait for another week to know who he is.

    It is understood that the character would be portrayed by Joseph Mawle in the series. He is known for his role as Benjen Stark in the first, sixth and seventh seasons of ‘Game of Thrones‘. Mawle has also played various roles in ‘The Passion‘, ‘Ripper Street‘, ‘Birdsong‘, and ‘Troy: Fall of a City‘. There are so many conspiracy theories and speculation going on about this original character. Here’s what we know.

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    Who Is Adar?


    Throughout the entirety of the production, the main antagonist of ‘The Rings of Power‘ is still under speculation. So will it be Adar? Adar shows to have powers much similar to Sauron’s abilities. Adar is seen to be a corrupted elf of the Southlands. He is leading a band of Orcs in the Southlands, where they seem to be destroying the natural environment. They are building tunnels to exist in and are using laborers to do the work. Adar means father in Elvish language, the name should be indicating the position he holds among the elves.

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    Is He Sauron Himself?

    Scene from The Rings of Power
    Scene from The Rings of Power

    Fans have come to the conclusion that Adar can be the Dark Lord himself. During the second age, ‘The Silmarillion‘ details that Sauron was building his first foothold in Mordor, next to the show’s Southlands. And mighty Sauron did have the ability to shapeshift and take any physical form. Under the name Annatar, he claimed to be an emissary of the gods and asked Celebrimbor to teach him ringcraft, eventually placing his superhuman abilities on the lesser rings. The name Annatar could have been changed to Adar. Or it can also be that the show created an original character. It can be that the corrupted elf is an intermediate between Sauron and the orcs who worked for him in the frontlines.

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