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    Demon King Tanjiro Vs Yoirichi: Who Is More Powerful?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ has quickly become one of the most popular anime of all time. The anime is currently in its third season which features the Swordsmith Village arc. Fans are eagerly waiting for the subsequent seasons and the final battle. The battle between Yoriichi and Muzan was one of the most iconic fights in the series, and the one between Muzan and Tanjiro would be another iconic fight. 

    Fans however are curious about who would win if Demon King Tanjiro, who was turned by Muzan in the final fight, and Yoriichi, the strongest swordsman to ever exist were to fight. 

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    Who Is Demon King Tanjiro?

    Demon king Tanjiro
    Demon king Tanjiro

    Demon King Tanjiro is a fan name given to Kamado Tanjiro. This name was given to him when he was turned into a demon by Kibutsuji Muzan during the final battle. He is called the demon king because Tanjiro would have been the strongest demon to ever exist if he was allowed to remain a demon. During the last battle after the demon slayers managed to defeat Muzan by dragging him out in the sun. 

    Muzan after realizing that he was about to die, recalled Ubuyashiki Kagaya’s words about human thoughts being the only immortal thing in the world. After recalling the words, he saw Tanjiro who was next to him, and decided that whilst he was about to die, his will would live on. He injects all of his remaining blood inside Tanjiro. This turned him into a demon. Tanjiro’s regeneration speed and powers were extremely high. He was also immune to the sun. 

    Demon King Tanjiro Vs Yoriichi

    Giyuu talking about Tanjiro
    Giyuu talking about Tanjiro

    Yoriichi managed to scare off Muzan the first time he fought him. He almost killed Muzan with a single strike and fearing for his life, Muzan ran away from him. After this incident, he hid for a very long time. Tanjiro is just as strong as Muzan because he received a very high quantity of his blood and his immunity to the sun. Tomioka Giyuu mentioned in the manga that since sunlight doesn’t work on Tanjiro, the nichirin blades wouldn’t work either. 

    The entire outcome of Yoriichi and Tanjiro’s fight relies on whether Yoriichi’s sword would be able to work on him. As mentioned in the series, Yoriichi’s blade was red which meant that it was stronger than everyone else’s. If the blade works on Demon King Tanjiro, then Tanjiro would lose the fight. Yoriichi is an exceptional swordsman and Tanjiro being a newly turned demon wouldn’t be able to fight him properly. 

    On the other hand, if the blade doesn’t work on him, then Demon King Tanjiro would most definitely win. Apart from the poison that Kanao injected, nothing would work against him and Yoriichi wouldn’t be able to kill him. Therefore, the outcome of the fight depends on whether Yoriichi’s blade would work against Demon King Tanjiro.

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