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    Who Does Tanjiro End Up With In ‘Demon Slayer’?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ recently released its third season, which covers the swordsmith village district and follows the manga. The manga of the series ended a few years back and manga readers are eagerly waiting for the amazing scenes to be animated. The anime watchers have been patient but there are a few questions that they wish to know the answer to now. 

    One such question is about the series’ protagonist, Kamado Tanjiro. Tanjiro is quite sweet and caring. Fans find it very interesting to know who exactly Tanjiro ends up with at the end of the manga. 

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    Who Is Tanjiro Kamado?

    Tanjiro's family
    Tanjiro’s family

    Kamado Tanjiro is the protagonist of ‘Demon Slayer’. He originally never wanted to be a demon slayer and wasn’t aware of their existence either. It was after a tragedy befell his entire family, that Tanjiro decided to become a demon slayer. Tanjiro was originally a wood collector and it was after his family got killed and his sister was turned into a demon by Kibutsuji Muzan, that he began his journey. 

    Appearance-wise, Tanjiro has black hair with reddish-burgundy tips and reddish-brown eyes. He is of medium build and has a naturally athletic body. He looks a lot like Tsugikuni Yoriichi, and he also has his Hanafuda earrings. Personality-wise, Tanjiro is very kind and caring. He is soft-spoken but isn’t afraid to speak. 

    Tanjiro originally learned the water-breathing style from Urokodaki Sakonji. He along with Nezuko, his little sister stayed with him for a while and Tanjiro prepared for the demon slayer corps’ exam. However, soon Tanjiro learned that he can use the sun breathing style, which is the first breathing style to be created. 

    Who Does Tanjiro End Up With?

    Tanjiro and Kanao
    Tanjiro and Kanao

    The end of the manga was quite wonderful. Tanjiro was given the cure after he was turned into a demon and he ultimately survived. After that, it was shown that he married Kanao Tsuyuri who is Shinobu Kocho’s adopted sister. He and Kanao had great-grandchildren at the end of the manga. 

    Tanjiro first met Kanao during the selection exam. There, Kanao didn’t interact with him much and was reserved. Afterward, he met Kanao in the butterfly mansion where she helped him get stronger. Kanao started being affected by him when he didn’t splash the tea on her but put the tea on his head. 

    After the events of the entertainment district, Tanjiro is again brought back to the mansion where he remains unconscious for quite some time. Kanao drops a flower vase when she hears that he woke up. It was after moments such as these and other moments in the manga, that their relationship began to develop. As their relationship progressed further, the two ultimately got married and then had children. 

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