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    ‘Demon Slayer’: Is Muichiro Tokito Descendent Of Yoriichi Tsugikuni?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime currently. The current season which features the Swordsmith Village arc has been very well received by fans and they are eager for more episodes. The characters in the season in particular have been very well received. Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, has become a fan favorite. 

    Fans love him for his personality and his character traits. He is the youngest Hashira and became a Hashira very quickly. However, fans are curious about one thing. They wish to know whether Muichiro Tokito is related to the famous Tsugikuni clan. 

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    Who Is Muichiro Tokito?

    Muichiro Tokito
    Muichiro Tokito

    Muichiro Tokito is the mist Hashira in ‘Demon Slayer’. He is the youngest Hashira of the lot and is younger than Tanjiro Kamado. He is a major supporting character in the swordsmith village arc and played a crucial role in the final fight against Muzan and the upper moons. 

    Appearance-wise, Muichiro is very short. However, in his defense, he is very young and is still in the growing stage. He has black hair that has mint green tips. He also has mint green eyes that are usually void of emotions and seem empty. Personality-wise, Muichiro is an airhead. He usually gets lost in thought and wanders off to some places. People consider him to be apathetic and detached, but he changed after meeting Tanjiro. 

    Muichiro had a twin brother who was killed when they were young. Their parents died and Ubuyashiki Amane recruited them to be a part of the demon slayer corps. On one tragic night, demons attacked their home and Yuichiro lost his arm trying to protect his brother. Muichiro destroyed the demon in rage, and the demon died. However, his brother wasn’t able to survive and after that, Muichiro turned cold. 

    Is He Yoriichi’s Descendant?

    Kokushibo finding out about Tokito
    Kokushibo finding out about Tokito

    Muichiro Tokito is a direct descendant of the Tsugikuni clan. Tokito is the descendant of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who is the older twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Michikatsu got jealous of his brother’s powers and got insecure. He turned into a demon willingly to get stronger. The demon then came to be known as Kokushibo who is currently the upper moon 1 and the strongest demon after Muzan. Tokito is stronger than most people because he is related to this bloodline. His natural talent and his bloodline are the reasons for his becoming stronger very quickly. 

    Tokito is the descendant of Michikatsu and his wife. By extension, he is also related to Yoriichi Tsugikuni but he is not his direct descendant. During the final fight, Kokushibo realized that Tokito is his descendant. He planned to turn him into a demon so that Tokito could be useful to Kibutsuji Muzan. This is how Muichiro Tokito is related to the creator of the sun-breathing style, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. 

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