Who Is Akane Sawatari In ‘Chainsaw Man’? Who Is She Working For?

Akana Sawatari
Akana Sawatari
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In the ‘Chainsaw Man’ manga’s Katana Man storyline, Akane Sawatari makes an appearance. Critics have given ‘Chainsaw Man’ rave reviews, praising its plot, horrific scenes, and grim humor. This manga was written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. 

Devils are supernatural beings that the ‘Chainsaw Man’ manga uses as antagonists, with a few notable exceptions. The story takes place in a realm where human fears are used to make devils. The more powerful a devil is, the more fear they inspire because they are often angry and violent. 

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Who Is Akana Sawatari? 

Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari, a mysterious former private eye named Hunter, is a minor antagonist from ‘Chainsaw Man’ who acts as the secondary antagonist in the Katana Man arc. She has short hair, eyes with slit pupils resembling snakes, and snake-like features. She frequently wears long hoodies and shorts. 

Akane is a serious, no-nonsense woman who is committed to her work and works hard to complete it as quickly as possible. The fact that Akane is able to get the Yakuza to support her proves that she is a skilled manipulator. Akane is usually composed, but she has a tendency to lose control. This was shown when she became agitated when Makima’s counterattack began to kill her subordinates.

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She even warned the Katana Man about how terrifying Makima is if someone decided to mess with her due to the horrific tragedies that will befall them, demonstrating her timidity as she is seen being afraid of Makima and what she had done to the rest of her accomplices for a valid reason. 

Akane Sawatari’s Abilities 

Akane Sawatari’s abilities

Snake Devil Contract: Akane has an agreement with the Snake Devil that enables her to call it up whenever she wants. Sawatari needs to move her hands to activate Snake Devil’s powers; if her hands are clasped together, she is unable to do so.  

Akane can command the Snake Devil to entirely devour the target being in exchange for four of her fingernails by using the phrase “Devour it completely!” Once the target being has been absorbed into the Snake Devil, it is revived and can be employed to battle alongside Sawatari by uttering “Release!” and the target being’s name. Her nose began to bleed as she let go of the absorbed entity, a sign of internal damage brought on by the sacrifice. By uttering the word “Tail!” Sawatari can also call forth the Snake Devil’s tail. 

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Who Is She Working For? 

Akane Sawatari and Katana Man

She contracted with the Gun Devil and passed guns to the Yakuza. In exchange for that, Sawatari apparently demanded the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

She made a contract with the Gun Devil, it was revealed that she swore her allegiance to him. As a result, she wants to win Denji’s love for her master. She does this by collaborating with yakuza, such as Katana Man, and serving as a weapons sealer for them in order to make winning Denji’s heart easier. 

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