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    Why Nicole Kidman’s 2003 Oscar Win Made Her Think “I Need A New Life”

    Reaching the top of the world is something that doesn’t come to many but those, the sky lowers itself for, often find the top pretty lonely. The Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman explains how success can taste too bland if you don’t have someone to share it with.

    The Australian actress has given the cinema more than her fair share of iconic performances. And for her exceptional acting prowess, she has been aptly honored. The ‘Lion’ star recently opened up about the bittersweet side of her 2003 Oscar win. The acclaimed actress revealed that behind all the glitz and glamour, the golden statue left her feeling alone.

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    Nicole Kidman’s Lonely Oscar Night

    Nicole Kidman (Image: Getty)
    Nicole Kidman (Image: Getty)

    The epitome of grace on the red carpet peeled back the layers of her winning night at the Oscars 2003. In a conversation on SiriusXM’s ‘The Jess Cagle Show, Nicole Kidman confessed that the pinnacle of her career wasn’t all champagne toasts and celebratory confetti. The 56-year-old won Best Actress in a Leading Role for her outstanding performance in ‘The Hours,’ and all she could think of was that she had no one to call to share the happy news. 

    The actress remembered thinking, “I need a new life. Please. I’m sitting here and I don’t have anyone, as I say, to jump on the bed with. There’s certain times when you just go, ‘I need to jump on the bed.'” In 2003 Kidman was still newly divorced as she and Tom Cruise had ended their marriage in 2001 after 11 years together. The winner further revealed, “I want to order French fries and a burger and celebrate this with my lover, and I don’t have one. Help.” 

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    From Awkward Oscars After-Party To Happily Married

    Nicole Kidman (Image: Getty)
    Nicole Kidman (Image: Getty)

    The aftermath of winning an Oscar proved to be a complex experience for Nicole as she remembers “awkward” at Vanity Fair’s post-Oscar soiree. The actress said walking through a crowd of people with a trophy in hand alone wasn’t exactly a thrilling moment. “I’m so embarrassed because you walk through the party with your Oscar and you’re like, I mean, I’m Australian. You don’t walk around with a trophy going, ‘Hey, didn’t I do well?'” she shared.

    Well now with the 96th Oscars approaching and putting 21 years between that rather lonesome winning night Kidman’s perspective on the situation has changed. She said, “Now I look back and go, ‘Oh my god.’ I would carry that thing above my head and be like, ‘Thank you.'” Having a loving husband with whom the star shares two daughters definitely helped toward that positive approach.

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