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    Did George Clooney Sleep With Cindy Crawford?

    Cindy Crawford is a name that was widely popular in the modeling industry during the 1980s and 1990s. She is also an actress and an entrepreneur. She is married to Rande Gerber and has two children. Gerber is good friends with George Clooney and they are also business partners.

    Clooney, an A-list actor in Hollywood ended up in the guest room of Gerber’s residence. It was a night of indulgence when Clooney and Gerber reached the latter’s home after having a crazy party. Crawford revealed in an interview with Conan on TBS that she would have slept with Clooney that night. Why is that?

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    The Shocking Story of Cindy Crawford And George Clooney

    Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Cindy Crawford

    George Clooney and Rande Gerber are great friends and they enjoy spending time with each other. Although, one time, the friendship turned into a really awkward situation between Clooney and Crawford. After a crazy night of partying, Clooney and Gerber return to Gerber’s home and Crawford did not know that Clooney was in the guest room. Crawford thought Rande was passed out in the guest room faced down still wearing his motorcycle boots. Only when she went near to wake him up, did she know that the person was not her husband but George Clooney.

    The mother of Kaia Gerber explained in the interview with Conan O’Brien, “George is very well-behaved now that he’s married to the lovely Amal [Alamuddin]. But there was a time before he met Amal, that he and Rande had gone out, and they did ask me if I wanted to come, but it was a Sunday night and I stayed home with the kids.” Cindy Crawford added, “Sometimes if Rande goes out late, he’ll go into the guest room, because the kids will end up falling asleep with me in my room. I got up because I wanted to make sure he was home safe, and I went in the guest room and I see Rande facedown on the bed. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ He still has his motorcycle boots on. And I’m like, ‘Really?’”

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    Clooney’s Perspective On The Awkward Moment

    George Clooney photobombs Gerber and Crawford

    Crawford explained that it would have been far worse if the lights were not turned on. She added that she would have stayed in bed if the lights were turned off. She then woke her husband who was sleeping in the kids room and questioned why Clooney was in their guest room. Gerber, Crawford and Clooney laughed the situation off. They joked about how would she have explained the situation in the morning to Gerber if they had just walked out of the guest room together.

    Clooney, in another interview, told his side of the story: “[I] went to sleep and she thought I was Rande because he was sleeping in the other room, because the kids were in their bed, and she didn’t want to wake them up. She thought I was Rande, and I was wearing my boots and my jeans, that’s how drunk I was, and she hopped in bed! That was pretty funny.” Clooney, albeit sober, joked in the interview that she could not help herself.

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