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    Celebrity Deceptions: 10 Times Hollywood Celebrities Tried To Get Away With Lies But Got Exposed

    Hold on to your stardust, because we’re about to spill the tea on some of the most outrageous, jaw-dropping celebrity lies that had us all going, “Wait, what?!” From the explosive phone call drama between Kanye West and Taylor Swift to Lil’ Kim’s legal fight, it’s a real walk of shame.

    Get ready for an explosive series of dramas that unfolded following the lies big names thought they would get away with. It’s the kind of drama you’d expect from a blockbuster film, except this is 10 times celebrities were caught lying. Buckle up, because we’re revealing the lies that had Tinseltown buzzing!

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    1. Kanye West And Taylor Swift’s Phone Call Leak

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Kanye West and Taylor Swift

    The famous Hollywood ‘Phone Call of 2016’ that rattled Taylor Swift’s sparkly stage turned out to be a lie. Kanye West’s song ‘Famous’ featured a line dissing Swift and when she responded to it, West and his wife Kim Kardashian uploaded an edited video of a phone call claiming Swift had approved of the lyric. 

    The debacle caused Taylor to remove herself from the public spotlight for over a year as she said in a recent interview with Times. Later on, an unedited version of the phone clip was released proving ‘Kimye’ wrong and Taylor right

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    2. Millie Bobby Brown’s Skincare Pretense

    Millie's Viral skincare routine video where she fakes applying her own products
    Millie’s Viral skincare routine video where she fakes applying her own products

    Millie Bobby Brown, the young star most recognized for her role in ‘Stranger Things‘, had to apologize for a viral skincare video in which she imitated applying her own brand’s products.

    Later on, Brown apologized for the misleading presentation, citing she’s still learning the social media layaround that caught her acting outside of the screen.

    3. Lil’ Kim’s False Testimony Landed Rapper In Jail

    Lil' Kim wears an orange prison suit to an award show
    Lil’ Kim wears an orange prison suit to an award show

    Rapper Lil’ Kim was put in legal hot water in 2005 after giving a federal grand jury false testimony. Although she denied knowing that her bodyguard and co-manager had been involved in a shootout in 2001, security footage refuted her claims.

    Due to her false testimony, Lil’ Kim received a 366-day prison term, 30 days of home arrest, and three years of probation—a stark reminder of the consequences of lying.

    4. Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s Infamous Illicit Affair

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after denying cheating on Jennifer Aniston
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after he denied cheating on Jennifer Aniston

    Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first denied any allegations of infidelity during Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston, amid rumors of the affair. But then things like Jolie announcing her pregnancy a few months after the divorce happened, making people wonder.

    Articles from 2008 also mentioned them falling in love while filming ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ putting the lie in an obvious light.

    5. Paris Hilton’s Contradictory Statements On Drug Use

    Paris Hilton in court
    Paris Hilton in court

    Following her denial of drug use during an interview on ‘Larry King Live‘, Paris Hilton‘s claims to lead a drug-free life came under examination.

    In 2010, conflicting information came to light, including pictures of her consuming marijuana and allegations that she had used cocaine. Hilton’s public persona was further marred by her erratic remarks and legal issues.

    6. Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Denial And The Reality Of Its Release

    Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon
    Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon

    In a 2007 interview with Complex magazine, Kim Kardashian fiercely denied making a sex tape. Her relationship with then-boyfriend Nick Cannon also ended after the X-rated footage of her having sex with Ray-J leaked, despite her assurances to Cannon.

    Kim’s original assertions were contested by her subsequent $5 million settlement with Vivid Entertainment and persistent rumors regarding her involvement in the tape’s release.

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    7. Lance Armstrong’s Doping Denials

    Lance Armstrong
    Lance Armstrong

    To uphold his drug-free legacy, well-known cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong strongly denied doping accusations. But when the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency revealed the lie in 2012, it resulted in a lifetime suspension from Olympic sports, the forfeiture of awards, and the revocation of seven Tour de France titles.

    The aftermath demonstrated the damaging effects of a massive and protracted falsehood on Armstrong’s reputation and career.

    8. Bill Clinton’s Denials In The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

    Then President Bill Clinton
    Then President Bill Clinton

    Then-President Bill Clinton angrily denied having any illicit contact with the intern Monica Lewinsky in the late 1990s.

    But later evidence including Clinton’s admission of having an ‘inappropriate’ relationship came to light, and the House of Representatives impeached him. Clinton’s legacy was impacted by the scandal for a long time.

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    9. Ryan Lochte’s Fabrication Of A Robbery In Rio

    Ryan Lochte being exposed

    The fabrication of the Olympic swimmer’s claim about being robbed at gunpoint during the 2016 Rio Olympics caused Ryan Lochte to face harsh criticism.

    Following inquiries, it was discovered that Lochte and his companions had damaged a petrol station, which resulted in an altercation with security. Lochte’s fabrication of a story hurt his reputation and cost him sponsorships and sanctions.

    10. Martha Stewart’s Insider Trading Conviction

    Martha Stewart

    When domestic mogul Martha Stewart denied participating in insider trading involving ImClone Systems stock in 2004, she ran into legal issues. Evidence, however, indicated that she had sold her shares based on confidential information.

    Due to her fraudulent assertions, Stewart was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and making false statements. This resulted in a prison sentence and damaged her reputation as a successful businesswoman.

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