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Dwayne Johnson Narrates Buying His First Car From A Crackhead. Here’s How It Went Down

Growing up in Hawaii, Dwayne Johnson has a plethora of hilarious anecdotes and quirky experiences. But The Rock has achieved many things – the title of Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, a former WWE wrestler, and a degree that he never applied to his career.

Destiny wasn’t kind to him after the former WWE wrestler was evicted from Hawaii. And that’s when he bought his first car at 15, which has now become a mirthful dinner conversation.

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Dwayne Johnson Recalls Buying His First Car

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

During a session at The Joe Rogan Experience, The Rock shared an anecdote about his first car. He told Joe Rogan that despite having no money he agreed to buy a Ford Thunderbird from a drunkard at a bar in Nashville. However, things went south after this. After paying up and owning the car, ‘The Jumanji’ star discovered there was a meth head on the floor of the car as well. 

From thereon the story gets interesting when Dwayne Johnson reveals that the drunk crackhead guy did not hand over the gas keys. The Rock said, “The next day, I go to put gas in the car. By the way, I’m 15. I had no f***ing papers, the car is probably stolen. I try to put gas in it and the guy the drunk crackhead didn’t give me the gas key. Remember those old-school cars that had the gas key so I ditched it at a f***ing Burger King.”

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When Joe Rogan Accused Dwayne Johnson Of Using Steroids

Dwayne Johnson and Joe Rogan
Dwayne Johnson and Joe Rogan

Back in 2022, Joe Rogan accused The Rock of taking steroids and urged him to come clean since then Rogan and The Rock seemed to be distant but things have changed for now. During his November 15, 2023 episode, he finally landed one of the most highly anticipated guests, Dwayne Johnson.

In fact, the two celebrities also engaged in an intense workout session. During the podcast appearance, Johnson revealed that it was a blast. He said, “Dude that was three hours. You and me, we had a f*cking banging workout. Then we did the sauna, we did the cold plunge, we did the whole experience. We did the sauna again. The cold plunge man… that was great. And I love what you’re doing down here by the way with the boys. Getting them down here, giving them the opportunity to get after it, not only their craft, but to get in shape.” Seems like the boys are getting along!

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