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    How Did Kylie Cosmetics Make Kylie Jenner The Youngest Billionaire?

    We call upon the glam squad to gather ’round for a fabulous tale of a makeup maestro with a little bit of neo-magic! How did ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ transform Kylie Jenner from reality star royalty to the youngest self-made billionaire? Here’s a revised history lesson.

    It’s 2015, and King Kylie had just launched her lip kits, setting off a frenzy that would forever change the beauty industry. Fast forward to 2019, and Forbes drops its awaited list, guess who topped this chart? ‘Kylie’s cosmetics success got Jenner the billionaire status at just 21 years old. Did you get left out of the loop and are now wondering how? Let us tell you. 

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    Iconic Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)
    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)

    It all started with a dream and a killer lip kit. In 2015, Kylie Jenner launched her first batch of Lip Kits, sending the beauty world into a frenzy. With shades like Candy K and Dolce K flying off the shelves, Baby Jenner proved she had the Midas touch when it came to makeup.

    But was it just the perfect pigment of Kylie’s products that bagged the money of all the Instagram girlies? Hmm, we didn’t think so either but the success of ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ is indeed credited to Kylie. Back in the era of lace chokers and skater skirts, there was another thing on everybody’s glow-up list, Kylie Jenner’s Lips. 

    If you’ve been a true ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ fan and have religiously watched it, you’ve seen the unfiltered version of all the K sisters. Now in the earlier seasons, you can see that our beauty queen wasn’t as voluptuous as she is now. And fairly most of it came with age, as Kylie was just a teenager back then, but some of it came with prescriptions. 

    So when our somewhat natural looking, still beautiful but just natural Kylie one day came out with those perfectly plump lips, the world had theories to make. The closest to the truth was that she got lip fillers, which is a completely fine thing to do but at the time 17-year-old K didn’t feel up to owning her truth. 

    So she credited her new Lip Kits for completely transforming her thin lips. From there, the make-up world shifted a little on its axis and the ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ marketing team took over.

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    From Insecure Nepo Baby To Billionaire Boss Babe

    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)
    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)

    As the demand for Lip Kits reached the fever pitch, Kylie wasted no time expanding her empire. Eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blushes, you name it, Kylie Cosmetics got it. It became a one-stop shop for all the beauty buffs trying to recreate Kylie’s signature glam.

    Her larger-than-life persona and influencer status 100% played a crucial part in the grad success of ‘Kylie Cosmetics. You could see fans clamoring to get their hands on anything stamped with the ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ logo.

    Now as the brand’s revenue soared into the stratosphere, Forbes took notice. The business magazine crowned Kylie Jenner with the title of the youngest self-made billionaire in their 2019 list, they had other things to say about it later on but it’s the first move that counts.

    Kylie’s Reigning Cosmetic Brand 

    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)
    Kylie Jenner (Image: Kylie Cosmetics)

    With billionaire status under her belt which we assume to be bedazzled with diamonds, the make-up mogul has shown no signs of slowing down. In the years since her Forbes cover moment, she’s continued to expand her empire with new products and lines under her banner. 

    With her billionaire tag came the ‘Kylie Skin,’ giving away the secrets of her beauty. Now we have a bigger store than ever with Kylie’s own hair care line, ‘Kylie Hair’, and ‘Kylie Fragrance’.

    The queen is at the top of her business and is riding high on the wave of happiness with babies. The mama of two is currently in love with ‘Dune’ star Timothée Chalamet and they don’t shy away from the camera. 

    The impact of Kylie Jenner’s iconic Lip Kits was nothing short of legendary. From an insecure teenager under the media attention to a billionaire boss babe, Baby Jenner has definitely come a long way. 

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