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    “I Think I Was The First One Though”: ‘The Boys’ Star Chace Crawford Claims He Rocked The Famous Justin Bieber Bowl Cut Before Anyone Else

    We all might have seen at least one boy in our neighborhood with the popular Justin Bieber bowl cut. While the haircut actively dominated a whole era, it seems celebrities are having differences over who was the mastermind behind it. Though it is named after Justin Bieber, Chace Crawford is speaking up for his due credit.

    While Justin Bieber got all the attention, perhaps because of his popularity at the time, Chace Crawford claims he aced the haircut way before Bieber did and should be credited for the OG 00’s trend. Here’s what he has to say.

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    “OG Mop!”: Chace Crawford Thinks He Was The First Person To Rock The Justin Bieber Bowl Cut

    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber

    Should the OG Justin Bieber bowl cut be named after Chace Crawford? ‘The Boys actor Chace Crawford thinks he did the haircut way before Bieber did. On Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Crawford made this big claim.

    Talking about his weird fashion sense back then, he revealed he was oddly proud of his hairstyle, which became trendy later and got named after Justin Bieber. “I know, it’s so bad,” Crawford said when Andy Cohen pointed out his “Bieber hairdo” on the show.

    However, he went from being embarrassed about it to wanting credit for it real quick. “I think I was the first one though, no? I was. And before Efron, yeah. I was the first one. OG mop!”

    According to Crawford, he fought hard to claim the infamous hairstyle and Cohen said, “Keep this one” as fashion unlike most of his looks. The actor playfully called all his red carpet looks “trash” including the “Affliction shirt, weird Twilight vibe, pageboy hat, mini vest“.

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    Chace Crawford Shares His “Fun” Life During His 20’s

    The Boys
    The Boys

    Speaking more about his olden days, Chace Crawford said that he looked like a Pinocchio back in the days. “This was before actors used stylists. I look like Pinocchio,” he said. Despite hating his fashion choices, Crawford also shared that his 20’s were amazing and filled with “fun”.

    He also noted that his perspective on life changed as he grew up and he realized the importance of simple pleasures, friendship, and family. He last appeared in ‘The Boys’ season 4 as Deep, a character who’s in a relationship with an Octopus. The unconventional trope on the show has been a point of discussion, with director Eric Kripke also opening up about the idea.

    Once we decided we were going to have Deep have regular conversation with his octopus wife, we just wanted the biggest, classiest, British Oscar-winning actress we could possibly find“, showrunner Eric Kripke told EW in a previous interview.

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