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    “If I Can’t Finish It, No One Can”: George R.R. Martin Trolled For Suing ChatGPT After A Fan Used It To Finish His Last Two Books

    George R.R. Martin is not going to easily let go of ChatGPT after a fan used it to finish the final two books of ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire‘ series. The author along with many other authors have got together to sue the parent company OpenAI. In the lawsuit, the author mentioned the fan who had used the AI tool to complete the last two books of George RR Martin’s masterpiece.

    Fans have been waiting for Martin to release his sixth book ‘The Winds of Winter’ for over a decade now. Though the HBO series finale did not give the needed thrill, it’s in the novel that fans have their hopes on. Completing the novel with AI has given a somewhat satisfying conclusion to the novel saga. However, with the lawsuit, the AI-generated books have been taken down. 

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    George R.R. Martin Files Lawsuit Against ChatGPT

    George R.R. Martin

    In addition to George R.R. Martin, 17 other writers are part of the lawsuit. It was a fan named Liam Swayne who used ChatGPT to complete the final ‘Game Of Thrones’ books. The tool mimicked George R.R. Martin’s style to deliver the completed versions of ‘The Winds of Winter’ and ‘A Dream of Spring’. Though taken down now, the books were uploaded by Swayne on GitHub. He also put in a statement on GitHub, “I am just now learning that I was mentioned in a legal document pertaining to the OpenAI lawsuit. I have removed the project from GitHub.”

    The authors, including the creator of A Song Of Ice And Fire allegedly claimed in the lawsuit of “mass-scale copyright infringement“. The lawsuit points to the use of their copyrighted work as “training data”. The authors claimed that the chatbot has been using their work without their permission. 

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    George RR Martin to sue ChatGPT

    Though a long wait, it’s surely George R.R. Martin who should complete the rest of his work. However, the interest in the novel series is what led to the fan using ChatGPT to complete the last two books of “A Song Of Ice And Fire“. Fans are not happy that the writer suing the AI tool for completing his work. Many netizens have pointed out the power that R.R. Martin holds over his books.

    The struggle is real, fans want to get the novel series completed.

    Another pointed out the fact that if the writer can’t finish his book in a decade, maybe he should be the one to use the AI tool.

    Maybe suing Liam Swayne was not a good idea, for fans are now in search of the AI-generated version.

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