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‘A Word A Day’: Fans React As George R.R. Martin Tells Not To Pester Him About ‘Winds Of Winter’

As a ChatGPT-generated version of his upcoming books from Game of Thrones hit the audience, things have been quite difficult for George R.R. Martin. The writer along with 17 others has started a war against the creators of the program, Open AI. With the battle of humans and machines setting in, the writer has much pressure to complete his impending books. 

Martin introduced his world-famous novel series in the latter half of the 1990s. And now the series has its own television adaptation which has been screened over a decade with eight seasons. However, two books are yet to be released by the author and these include ‘The Winds of Winter’ and ‘A Dream of Spring’. The ‘GoT’ fandom is in desperate need of the books. 

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George R.R. Martin Says Don’t Pester Him About ‘The Winds Of Winter’

George RR Martin
George R.R. Martin

The creator of the fantasy epic, George R.R. Martin has shared how long it’ll take to complete his book ‘The Winds of Winter’. According to Screenrant, Martin was talking to author Cassandra Clare addressing how many times he had been asked about the book’s release. “I’m 12 years late with Winds of Winter, as we know. I’m just going to put it right out there, you guys don’t have to pester me about it,” the author said.

In 2022, it was informed by George R.R. Martin that the book had been 75% complete. That is about 400 to 500 pages more to write. When some want to see a more exciting end to ‘Game Of Thrones’, others want to just know how the book ends. With the pace at which Martin is working, the book will only hit the bookshelves after three to four years, probably in 2026. The last book ‘A Dream of Spring’, which is as long as its forerunner is also to be released. 

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Fans Pestered By Late Release Of ‘The Winds Of Winter’

Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

Though the author has promised to put in the work, fans are still not convinced. Some point out that the author has already lost interest. Others expect the novels to be released to be better than what the series put out. Many users pointed to the slow development of the books. The pace is one word a day, a user mocked the author.

Someone pointed to how GTA6 would be out even before the novels of Martin hit the bookshelves.

However, there was a fair share who supported the writer, encouraging him to take his fair share of time to create the endings of the epic.

Being a well-fed author and not a starving one who creates art, netizens point to the 75-year-old to be an example of ‘peak procrastination’.

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