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    “I’m Sure There’s A Few Broken Hearts”: Milo Ventimiglia Sends A Message To Fans Who Are Sad About His Marriage

    Thousands of fans’ hearts broke as Hollywood hunk Milo Ventimiglia announced his marriage to model Jarah Mariano. The actor, most known for his role in ‘Gilmore Girls‘ as Jess Mariano has been a celebrity crush for thousands of fans for years.

    The news of him settling down and getting married certainly crushed a few hearts, and he knows it. Here’s what Milo has to say about fans’ disappointment over his marriage.

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    Milo Ventimiglia Responds To Fans Who Are Heartbroken Over Him Finding His Partner

    Milo Ventimiglia And Jarah Mariano
    Milo Ventimiglia And Jarah Mariano

    The 46-year-old has aged like fine wine as he continues to make it to many fans’ crush lists. Sadly, however, Ventimiglia tied the knot this year, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking for fans. Fans are reacting to his marriage and losing their mind over a crazy detail that connected his wife and his role in ‘Gilmore Girls‘.

    Milo Ventimiglia got hitched to American model Jarah Mariano, who is most known for her appearance in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition and Victoria’s Secret.

    During his appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘, the actor said “I got married. Very happy. Wonderful woman.

    The surprising thing that fans pointed out, however, is that she has the same surname as his character in ‘Gilmore Girls‘.

    Talking about it he said, “I think once people started to know her name in connection to my name and my name in connection to her name, then I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s right, that used to be my name.'”

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    Milo Ventimiglia’s Charming Journey

    Milo Ventimiglia
    Milo Ventimiglia

    The year was reminded of the early 2000s and Jess Mariano had everyone in a chokehold. Rory Gilmore‘s gorgeous literature-loving boyfriend, considered by many as the best boyfriend in the series, managed to make it to the list of the most drool-worthy fictional crushes that existed at that time. That role ended up becoming Milo Ventimiglia’s big break.

    Much like his character, Ventimiglia himself is a man of charm, elegance, and ridiculously good looks. After his role in ‘Gilmore Girls‘ he proceeded to do a series of roles, the most popular of which was his role as Jack Pearson in the critically acclaimed ‘This Is Us‘.

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