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    Jennifer Lopez Deletes All Posts From Her Instagram. Here’s What Happened

    As seen on November 23, 2022, Jennifer Lopez deleted all of her Instagram posts and also changed her profile picture to a black circle. This sudden act has left fans to wonder what the ‘I’m Real‘ singer is up to. The 53-year-old singer and actor have not shared any reasons for the same.

    Fans have been wondering if this is a hint to an oncoming big announcement. There is a lot of speculation by fans if this sudden social media reset means that a new album is on the way. If that is the case, then we surely are in for a treat!

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    What Did Jennifer Lopez Do To All Her Social Media?

    Jennifer Lopez on Zane Lowe's Apple Podcast
    Jennifer Lopez on Zane Lowe’s Apple Podcast

    Along with putting up a black circle as the profile picture on her Instagram, Jennifer Lopez did the same on other social media handles too. Her profile photos also went black on Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. On her Facebook page, along with updating a black circle profile picture, she also changed her name, writing it in lowercase cursive.

    As mentioned in Harpers Bazaar, fans have noticed that the lowercase cursive writing of her name matches with how her name was written on the cover of her 2002 album “This is Me…Then.” This raises the question if it is a hint to a follow-up on the 2002 album. It is also suiting that November 25th just celebrated the cover’s 20th anniversary.

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    Other Stars That Have Gone Dark Before A Major Announcement

    Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    However, Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one that has gone dark on social media. Many other celebrities have been known to go incognito on their social media handles just before announcing major news. Taylor Swift was seen deleting all of her social media before announcing her album ‘Reputation.’

    Just early this year, Beyoncé was also seen causing a fan frenzy by erasing all of her social media. She erased her social media profile picture and her banner photos, just before announcing her new album ‘Renaissance.’ If J. Lo is planning to do the same, it would be great news for fans all over the world.

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