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    Katie Maloney Reveals Details Of Her “Accidental” Date Night With ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Star

    In Tinseltown romance resides in every little street and valley. ‘Vanderpump Rules’ sensation Katie Maloney got the taste of that wandering romance, at least once.

    The 37-year-old actress who is coming back to the single life after her divorce recently opened up about a date night she had with a certain Charlie’s Angel. Did the date turn into something more? Well, let’s find out.

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    Katie Maloney‘s Accidental Date Night With Crispin Glover

    ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Katie Maloney
    ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Katie Maloney

    The TV star scrolled through her memory to pause on one particular evening at the Sundance Film Festival of 2005. Katie shared on her podcast Disrespectfully’ how she met Crispin Glover. “He had a film at the festival that year”.

    She continued the story saying, “We exchanged pleasantries and he was like, ‘Do you have plans later? Do you want to come see the screening of my movie?’ And I was like ‘Oh, sure, I don’t think I’m doing anything later. That’s cool.'”

    The ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ star extending an invite to the screening of his film seemed like a casual invitation but it turned out to be more. As Maloney said, “I thought he was just going to put me on a list. I was going to go show up, watch the movie, bounce.” But she found herself seated next to Glover. The screening was a date, and Katie had an amazing time although her review for the movie was “the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.” 

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    Maloney and Glover Never Made It Past The First Date

    ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz
    ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz

    Katie finalized her divorce from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ co-star Tom Schwartz in 2022 after 12 years together. The reminiscing of a good old date served as a positive note in her podcast. Although the duo from the date night hasn’t stayed in touch, Katie remembers it as “just a guy” encounter with the ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ star. 

    Post the movie, Glover took the lady for tea and the pair had a pretty “normal” conversation. Maloney said, “He’s really nice and kind and was asking questions about my life and my family…I grew up in Park City Utah, so we were talking about that.” The TV diva also shared that she found the star very charming throughout the date.

    Sometimes the most unexpected dates make for the best stories to talk about years later on your podcast.

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