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    Markella Kavenagh Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Nori From ‘Rings Of Power’ Have?

    Markella Kavenagh is a 22-year-old Australian actress. She is in limelight now because of her acting in the series ‘Rings Of Power’. Her fairly new presence in social media is coming in with a blast. The first role she played was in the film ‘True History of the Kelly Gang‘ in 2019 as Jane Cotter.

    She has also acted in films and television series like ‘My First Summer‘, ‘Furlough‘, ‘Romper Stomper‘, ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock‘, ‘The Cry‘, ‘My Life Is Murder’, and ‘The Gloaming’. An independent personality and the first actress to have been cast in ‘Rings Of Power’, she has gained a lot of attention in media. Let us know more about her and her net worth.

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    What Is The Net Worth Of Markella Kavenagh?


    Markella Kavenagh is well known for her acting skills. She has opted for roles in diverse stories and tuned herself to adapt to the characters well. Her talent in acting has amassed her a sizable fortune. As per reports, her estimated net worth is around 3.4 million dollars.

    People are already gawking at her finest visual and impeccable adaptation of a Harfoot. There can be no doubt about her fortune, which is only going to be in y-axis after her role in Rings Of The Power. She has accumulated global fame through her performances in multiple movies and series.

    NameMarkella Kavenagh
    Source Of IncomeActing, Modelling and Brand Promotions
    Net Worth$3.4 Million
    ResidenceMelbourne, Australia

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    Her Current And Old Projects

    Markella Kavenagh in ‘My First Summer’

    Kavenagh got her first role in ‘Romper Stomper’ in 2018. The mini-TV series required an actor that had short hair. So, she cut her hair short and attended school in an undercut. Though, it might be one of the most dreadful moments for students to go to school in an unusual hairstyle, she says that she was still grateful for landing the role and did not mind her appearance. The series was followed by ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ and then the same year she also got a role in ‘The Cry’. Critics praised her for all her works and the media started to recognize her talent.

    In 2019, she worked on ‘My Life Is Murder’ and ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’. Although, she has done a lot of roles prior, she came into spotlight only after her appearance as Claudia in the 2020 film, ‘My First Summer’. She won Jury Prize for her acting in that film. Many praised her bold decision in acting a diverse character at such an young age. She then acted on ‘The Gloaming’ and then landed on the limelight character of her career, Nori in ‘Rings Of Power’. Only two episodes have been released and people are already praising her effortless acting and beauty. She is also working on a new project called ‘Bad Behaviour’.

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