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    Tom Holland Reveals His Hidden Talent That Helped Him And Zendaya Reach “We’re In Love” Stage

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have accumulated a huge fanbase over the years following their appearances in MCU projects. The duo has been in a relationship since November 2021, a month before the release of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’

    Holland has also stated that the frequent media attention to their relationship also damaged their privacy. Meanwhile, it remains unknown how the duo’s relationship reports came out to the public. It started with something that happened inside Zendaya’s residence.

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    Tom Holland Reveals How He Won Over Zendaya

    Tom Holland did something at Zendaya’s home which helped him to impress her

    Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship developed when they were working on the reboot films of Spider-Man produced by MCU. Tom has now disclosed that there was a secret skill that helped him to impress Zendaya.

    Tom stated in a recent interview with Unilad that he loves to do carpentry and he had previously built his mother’s kitchen table, office, and many other things. He added that he also fixed Zendaya’s door in the early stage of their relationship. He stated: “I was hanging out at her house and her door was broken. I was like, ‘I’m gonna fix that door for you.’ And now we’re in love.”

    Holland and Zendaya last appeared as Peter Parker and MJ in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ The duo’s return has not been confirmed despite that a fourth film is reported to be in development.

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    Tom Holland To Take A Break From Acting

    Tom Holland is currently on a short break from acting

    Tom Holland has not appeared anywhere after The Crowded Room.’ He stated that his mental health was affected while filming the project and that he decided to take a break from acting for a year.

    Holland admitted that he loved to work in the show and that he did not let the show break him. He said that he is taking a year off and it is proof that the show was very difficult for him. Meanwhile, Holland is also spending time with his family members and friends.

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