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    Watch: ‘The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri Dances Off The Success Of Season 3 On TikTok, Jeremy Allen White Joins In For A Cameo

    What’s a better way to celebrate the premiere of your upcoming series than performing a heartfelt dance? Well, Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White have done just that as the duo was spotted dancing off the joy of the recently released season of The Bear.

    With the latest episodes of the third season of the show being received quite well, the duo took to TikTok to share a dance video. The video is playful, fun, and a perfect way to enjoy the drop of the new season of the series.

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    Jeremy Allen And Ayo Edebiri Light Up TikTok With An Adorable Celebration

    The Bear cast

    Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri shared a goofy video of them having fun on the sets of ‘The Bear’ to mark the impending success of the recently released season of their show. Ayo Edebiri, who is known to be free-spirited even on the sets, brought the lively spirit in the video too, as she danced in front of the camera.

    240628 Ayo Edebiri dancing to Magnetic with Jeremy Allen White and Matty Matheson
    byu/mcfw31 inillit

    The caption of the video reads, “all episodes of The Bear are out now on Hulu/Disney+ byeeeeee,” with Edebiri and Matty Matheson, who plays the role of Fak on the show, dancing on the song ‘Magnetic‘ by ILLIT in a kitchen.

    As the celebration progresses, she also drags Allen into the camera, urging him to dance. Allen White reluctantly obliges, as he also gets his moves on while carrying his water bottle in his hands.

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    Fans Are Hoping For A Romance Between Ayo Edebiri And Jeremy Allen White

    Jeremy Allen and Ayo Edebiri

    While all characters on ‘The Bear‘ are dearly loved by fans, many have been wanting to see Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White’s characters to have a romantic dynamic. With the speculation rife, the actors recently shut down the idea during the premiere of season 3.

    During a press conference both of them immediately said “No” to the chances of a romantic relationship between their characters. White said, “There was no talk in the rooms about any romantic implications, got a lot going on in his mind all the time and people aren’t always aware of exactly what’s going on.”

    Moreover, Edebiri also added, “really looked up to” Carmy, but now that she’s “in the thick of doing business with [him, it’s] a lot more chaotic than she might have idealized before they really started working together.”

    Season 3 of ‘The Bear’ is currently streaming on Hulu.

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