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    Where Is ‘The Bear’ Actor Ayo Edebiri From? Why Do People Think She Is Irish?

    The awards season has kicked off, and we have seen all the good and the ugly! But this year, the good has outweighed the ugly. There have been so many wholesome moments during the awards event till now. However, one of the best jokes making the rounds is about ‘The Bear’ actor Ayo Edebiri’s nationality.

    ‘The Bear’ has created ripples throughout the awards season, with Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri winning big during the awards season. The two took home the Golden Globes for ‘Best Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy’ and ‘Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy’. While Ayo is from Boston, USA, there has been a running joke about her Irish nationality.

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    How Did The Joke Emerge?

    Ayo Edebiri during her Golden Globes acceptance speech Image Courtesy: Variety
    Ayo Edebiri during her Golden Globes acceptance speech
    Image Courtesy: Variety

    The Irish people have claimed Ayo Edebiri as their own! Despite Ayo being born and raised in Boston, an interview with Letterboxd changed the nationality of the actress. During the recent award events, the ‘Bottoms’ actress ran with the joke, thanking the Irish people during the Critics Choice Awards and giving a shoutout to Ireland at the 2023 Emmy Awards red carpet.

    In March 2023, during the promotion of ‘Bottoms’, Ayo Edebiri claimed to have lived in Ireland for four months to play ‘Jenny the Donkey’ in The Banshees of Inisherin’. During the Letterboxd interview, she said, “I lived in Ireland for about four months and I got really in character and I was on all fours for four months and it was really painful, but beautiful as well.” The joke has made its way during the ongoing awards season.

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    Ayo Edebiri Wins Emmy Award For ‘The Bear’

    Ayo Edebiri at the 2023 Emmy Awards
    Ayo Edebiri at the 2023 Emmy Awards

    Since the release of ‘Bottoms’, Ayo Edebiri has been on a roll as the audience has become fans of the actress. The joke about being Irish has made her some sort of internet sensation. On the professional end, Edebiri has won a Golden Globe, Emmy, and Critics Choice Award all in a week.

    Ayo Edebiri won the Emmy Award for ‘Best Actress in a Comedy Series’ for ‘The Bear’. During her acceptance speech, she said, “I’m so incredibly grateful for this for so many reasons.” Ayo continued, “This show is about family, and found family and real family, and my parents are here tonight.”

    ‘The Bear’ actress extended her gratitude towards her parents, saying, “I’m making them sit kind of far away from me because I’m a bad kid, but I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for loving me and letting me feel beautiful and Black and proud of all of that.”

    She concluded her speech by saying that it’s “probably not a dream to immigrate to this country and have your child be like, ‘I want to do improv!’ Thank you so much for this, it means the world.”

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