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    What Did Aries Spears Say To Body-Shame Lizzo? How Did The Singer Respond?

    In an industry that is obsessed with following set beauty standards, instances of body shaming of celebrities by media and fellow celebrities is not uncommon. Despite the conversation around body positivity, Hollywood stars have time and again endured brutal trolling for the way they look. A constant victim of this toxic cycle of body shaming has been the singer and rapper Lizzo.

    She has time and again used her platform to slap back haters and preach body positivity and self-love. She once again came under the limelight when Aries Spears body-shamed her. So, really what happened?

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    Aries Spears Commented On Lizzo’s Weight 

    Aries Spears
    Aries Spears

    Comedian Aries Spears recently passed a few comments on the ‘JUICE’ star Lizzo during an appearance on ‘The Art of Dialouge’ which was later premiered on YouTube. The 47-year-old comedian said referring to Lizzo, “She’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off like, come on, man. Come on, yo.” 

    As if this was not enough, Spears continued by saying, “Listen, I ain’t the most in-shape n***a in the world but I still, when you funny and you got swagger and confidence and you decent looking – I think I’m at least handsome – you get p—y. But a woman that’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble. … F*** diabetes, f*** heart problems, f*** heart disease, cholesterol. Y’all claim womanhood and about sisterhood and support for your sister, you know, when it comes to that ridiculous s—t. But if you really gave a f***, why wouldn’t you go, ‘Black girl, we love your confidence, boo boo, but this ain’t it. This ain’t it.’”

    Aries clearly tried to disguise his fatphobia towards the singer as a concern for her health but it did not sit well with the fans of Lizzo and social media as he received an instant backlash. A user wrote in support of Lizzo, “I’m really blown away that Aries Spears had the big-mouthed audacity to attack Lizzo for being fat. He’s a fat Black man encouraging us to weaponize fatphobia against Lizzo, the math just ain’t mathing,” while several other tweets and posts continued to pour in for the ‘Good as Hell’ maker. 

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    How Did Lizzo Respond To Getting Body-Shamed? 

    Lizzo at the VMAs, 2022
    Lizzo at the VMAs, 2022

    Lizzo chose not to respond to Spears’ comments as she had a VMA appearance ahead of her where she performed a medley of ‘About Damn Time’ and ‘2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)’ alongside her boyfriend Myke Wright. Later in the evening, she won the Video for Good Award for the music video for ‘About Damn Time’. 

    During her acceptance speech, the 34-year-old singer said, “I want to say thank you so much for supporting me and loving me. And now, to the bitches that got something to say about me in the press. You know what, I’m not going to say nothing. They’ll be like, ‘Lizzo, why don’t you clap back?’ Because bitch, I’m winning, hoe! Big bitch is winning, hoe!” She refused to reveal the context of the speech, but she was seemingly referring to Aries Spears’ comments on her body. 

    Lizzo arrived at the VMA red carpet looking stunning in a navy-blue billow gown by Jean Paul Gaultier, paired with black lipstick and a slicked-back sleek hairstyle. She then did what she does best – showcase her talent while also sent a message on body positivity to everyone watching.

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    Kavya Khangarot
    Kavya Khangarot
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