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    Who Is Paris Hilton’s Husband, Carter Reum?

    Paris Hilton had an extravagant and star-studded wedding back in November 2021 at her grandfather’s former estate in Bel Air. She had walked down the aisle with a white rose bouquet. But these were not the major attractions of the marriage, it was the groom, and now Hilton’s husband, Carter Reum.

    The fashion icon had worn a stunning Oscar de La Renta dress, which satisfied her need to have something “timeless, elegant, chic, and iconic” for her wedding. We all know about the reality star from a young age. She is a name that has been engraved in the industry. But what about her husband? Here’s all you need to know about Hilton’s soulmate, Carter Reum.

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    Carter Reum: Hilton’s Soulmate

    Carter Reum

    The businessman and entrepreneur received his BA in both Economics and Business/Managerial Economics from Columbia University in 2003. His brother Courtney and sister Halle are also graduates from private elite schools like the University in New York City. Reum is a venture capitalist who founded an investment firm M13 that assists and provides resources for startup businesses. The company has established itself through successful businesses including Lyft, Pinterest, Snapchat, Daily Harvest, and Rothy’s.

    Carter works with his brother Courtney Reum. They had not only started their businesses together, but that gone to work in the same company earlier. At the beginning of their careers, the duo had worked at Goldman Sach, but in different divisions. The two started the first carbon-neutral spirit brand back in 2007, which they sold in 2013. Carter is also an author. He co-authored the book, “Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success“, a bestseller in 2018.

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    Reum And Hilton: A Love Story

    Paris Hilton and Carter Reum on their wedding day

    The two lovebirds had their wedding in November 2021. Paris Hilton met Carter through their mutual friends. They started dating back in 2019. “Carter and I have been friends for over 15 years. We stayed in each other’s lives over time, and we reconnected at a Thanksgiving get-together in 2019. From that night, I felt the spark, and the rest is history,” Hilton recollects how she met her husband. The two got engaged when Carter surprised Paris with a joint birthday party on a private island in February 2021. The couple had their first red carpet debut at the Golden Globes at the start of 2021.

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