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Why Are Taylor Swift Fans Suddenly Hating On Joe Alwyn?

Taylor Swift‘s tumultuous love life has faced much media scrutiny and has been open to speculation for the public for a long time. In recent times, her relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce has been very publicized and has seen a lot of media coverage.

This comes after her breakup with Joe Alwyn, who she was with for six years and wrote two albums for him, and two albums with him. But with a surprising turn of events, Swifties have now started hating Joe Alwyn. Here’s why.

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Joe Alwyn And Taylor Swift’s Relationship

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were together for six years. Their relationship was very, very private as none of them ever spoke about it in public and were also not seen out and about very much.

Though private, Taylor managed to share glimpses of their relationship through her music, and most of these lyrics indicated the same thing: he was the best thing to have ever happened to him. Joe also co-wrote songs with her in the albums she released during the pandemic. Everyone believed they were endgame until the relationship ended.

Though it’s unclear why the relationship ended, Swift’s song ‘You’re Losing Me’ indicated that there were differences in how both of them wanted to move forward with the relationship. Many speculated that Taylor wanted to settle down and marry, while Joe didn’t.

During the relationship, Swifties adored Joe for his quiet life, his respect for privacy, and how he never talked about Taylor in a way that might seem like he was taking up fame in her name. But it seems now, that those very things have made Swifties hate Joe Alwyn. Here’s why Joe Alwyn is on his way to becoming Taylor’s most hated ex.

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Traylor VS Jaylor

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Yep, it all comes down to comparison.

Taylor’s new boyfriend just happens to be an extremely public person who gushes over Taylor in many interviews. Travis Kelce and her have been seen outside together many times, and he makes his intentions with Taylor pretty clear with how he talks about her in public. And unfortunately, all of this is exactly what Joe Alwyn didn’t do and now Swifties have started hating on him and comparing him with Travis.

Another Swiftie expressed her unhappiness at seeing Joe Alwyn’s name for the credits in the Eras Tour film because he co-wrote Champagne Problems.

While many other Swifties also felt differently. They wrote about how Joe Alwyn gave her six years of bliss and some of the greatest songs of her career and that his need for privacy isn’t any wrong than Travis’ love for publicity is.

While many argued that Joe was there for Taylor in her worst times, Travis is only here while she’s the most successful artist right now.

While another user argued against Swifties who talked about Alwyn using Taylor for fame.

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