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Taylor Swift Fans React To Travis Kelce Being A Fantastic Boyfriend; Comparing Him With Joe Alwyn

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are the dreamiest couple right now and fans are obsessed over both the stars. From meeting his mom to taking her friends to see his game, it seems Taylor has finally found her one true love.

The relationship with Kelce comes after her longtime relationship with Joe Alwyn, who she was with for six years and dedicated two whole albums for him. But the question is, is Travis Kelce an upgrade from Joe Alwyn? Here’s how fans have compared both boyfriends.

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Traylor VS Jaylor

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce vs Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn was one of the most significant moments in her life and remains, to date, her longest relationship ever. Being together for six years, the couple even made three albums together- where Joe co-wrote a few songs from each of her albums. This year, however, there were reports of the couple breaking up, which were only proved after Taylor’s short fling with Matty Healey.

Travis Kelce entered the scene last month after there were reports of the football player dating Swift. Swift seemed to have confirmed the rumors after she was seen at one of his games and later left with him in a convertible. Fans already believe that Kelce is the end game.

How are fans comparing Taylor Swift’s relationship with both men?

“The Growth Is Unbelievable” Taylor Swift Fans Compare Joe Alwyn With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Well, it seems Joe Alwyn isn’t really Swifties’ favorite anymore as they make way for Travis Kelce.

Fans took to ‘X’ to express their opinions on how Travis Kelce admits and speaks about Taylor in public whereas Joe Alwyn always turned away from any Swift questions in interviews.

Many fans praised Travis Kelce’s public admiration for Swift.

Another fan pointed out how Taylor was never seen in public with Joe’s family, whereas she was seen hanging out with Travis’ mom.

While many fans also came forward to defend Joe, talking about how he was Taylor’s only support during the time she was canceled. Many defended Joe’s regard for privacy as opposed to Travis’ love for publicity.

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